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    i think problem you have is that you perceive ppl disagreeing with you as disliking you. just because we have differing opinions doesn't mean ppl dislike you. but to assume that a majority of strangers online have something against you as a bit paranoid and arrogant. just a bit.

    i have many friends who have grown up in peaceful, loving homes who often express that they can feel sympathy but cannot empathize, so they can't really wrap their heads around the stories of those who have gone through tragedy. it is a source of distress for them.

    i personally have trouble with empathy. but i learn to just listen as at times that is all someone really needs. this is not a matter of having a good/bad relationship with those around you, it's about folks needing to vent when shit hits the fan, and us being there to listen. think of it as a dispatch place
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      Originally posted by marycsm77 View Post
      lolz, I guess I am fortunate, my mama taught me well
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          Originally posted by dispatchjen View Post
          sometimes when i come to this site i feel like i am disliked and hated because i dont let my disability stop me....and because i am a happy person with a good attitude.
          You are young, from a tiny town, protected by family, incredibly sheltered from life. When you've lived a bit more, are older, if you see more of the world and if you ever leave the safe environs of your current existence, you will have a different perspective. Until then, you only have your current, limited experience.

          BTW, from all you have written, you have far more function than many here and far fewer complications due to luck. Until and unless you roll a mile in another person's tracks, it's unfair to judge others and say more members should be like you. That's rather Pollyanna and judgmental as hell.

          There are members here dealing with far more than you can even begin to fathom on your worst day. For all you know, they may be dealing with a given situation much better than you were you to suddenly trade lives and exact situations.

          The "good attitide" you claim to have smacks of arrogance, limited life experience, a lot of luck (family of origin, connections to land your job in your town, being born in a small community, minimal injury) and little else. Take away your safety nets, have life smack you around a bit and that attitude is not quite so kittens, lollipops and rainbows.


            I'll be honest as I'm short on patience today.

            I don't "dislike" you, but I've always wondered if you are a real person.
            Some of the threads you have started in the past seem to be there to start arguments about silly things and then talk about how you can do anything.
            Many of the things you say are inconsistent and things people not familiar with SCI would say.


              Originally posted by dispatchjen View Post
              sometimes when i come to this site i feel like i am disliked and hated because i dont let my disability stop me....and because i am a happy person with a good attitude.
              You're reading into it too much. This site is unique. I have found myself to be a bitchy at times as I don't believe half the stuff I read A wise woman told me, "Perhaps they are full of shit, alas it isn't your life." We offer advice which seems to fall flat.

              Live your own life. Embrace your loves sometimes family and friends annoy us. It is life, Disability or not.
              Get involved in politics as if your life depended on it, because it does. -- Justin Dart

              I shall not tolerate ignorance or hate speech on this site.


                Originally posted by dispatchjen View Post
                yes i know life is unpredictable...but what i am getting at is everyone has something in their life that they can be happy about....i agree with off roader that some people like being miseable and negative
                And some people like being judgmental tools.


                  so many possible trolls, we don't have time foy your games.there are people with bona fide support needed, we need to focus on .
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                    I do not know anyone who likes to be miserable? What kind of statement is that. You have a great life you say in your posts and this was some kind of test, well there are many of us who are dealing with real tests in this SCI life we have.
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                      I dont perceive asking for help, or advice, as whining. or someone telling about something that happened to them that is bad as whining.

                      maybe carecure just isnt your cup of tea.


                        I don't come from a great family situation. Most of that is the result of the fact I was illegitimate, and unwanted (which is NOT always the same thing). And my husband and I have certainly had our issues, as you folks know.

                        On the other hand, my friends have always treated me very well. My disabilities have never been an issue for them at all.

                        But even when I have felt really bad about my family or marriage, it makes me feel better to know that some people have great families, with tons of love and support. Sure, I wish I had it too, but even though I didn't grow up that way, I have to believe that the world is a better place because others do get to have it. If that sounds Pollyanna-ish, just take a second to really picture what the world would be like if all the love and fun from those families were gone. The world would be very bleak. Those happy families improve the world I live in, and make it a better, happier place. So in answer to one previous poster who suggested those from unhappy situations might not like reading that others have it good, I say that is not true in my case.
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                          You got your reasons

                          Originally Posted by dispatchjen
                          sometimes when i come to this site i feel like i am disliked and hated because i dont let my disability stop me....and because i am a happy person with a good attitude.

                          Dear dispatchjen
                          you are entitled to your opinions ; what ever float's your boat
                          Someday you may crap yourself and need help getting to the shower or need help to get somewhere I really do not know how independent you are or when you live out on your own and just live with the daily fact of life "Reality " Bullshit .... No one is perfect
                          I used to think that my disability wouldnt stop me but it does so I have to sometimes seek a different route '

                          Care Cure Community is Gobal

                          We all come from every angle of life on earth here

                          Everyone has their own reasons some write because of pain others write here for support and such then there is a clump of us that just are like Glue here We all help eachother out this is "The heart of Care Cure Community "

                          Think about every persons situation ? Look at the big picture , judging others or boasting about how good you have it is kind of sad in my eyes
                          Now I am not putting you down !!! People do the best they can in certain situations
                          Excuse my typographigal stipulations

                          For some of us life is not a bowl of peaches

                          Bragging is just a expression of '> persona if it works for you and you are happy and secure for the rest of your life woodlie doodle doooo More power to you ...

                          Shit happens in life sometimes things beyond our control

                          The way we all deal with our own particular situations is what helps me out

                          I care about everyone and couldnt hate anyone

                          All I do is make the best of my life at this particular moment .
                          Life aint easy but the challenges keep me going

                          Trust me I dont bounce to other sites I find Care cure just fine and no complaints here ...This is my home

                          Today is going to be the best day
                          Because who know's what tomorrow beholds ?



                            If you've been in a wheelchair since an early age, you start relationships that way. When someone is 26 and injured, that person is not the same as when relationships with friends started.

                            also a SCI is something that is hard to get used to, so family (like those who won't research anything) continue to look at everything like it will be just peachy. My family hasn't looked at or read any information about my injury that I haven't forwarded to them. I think they're all still in a blur, not knowing that this recovery is a long process.

                            I have been visiting this site for a few months now and I am in aw that some here have family that are completely crazy and uncaring....

                            I have never experienced the things that some write about.....i never have to worry about a nursing home, im never told i can't do something or go somewhere, they have never been ashamed of me or my disablility, etc....

                            Does everyone here have it bad or are their some like me? Is the reason for the differences in the way we are treated have to do with the way someone (family members are raised) or is it because of where each of us live. Ive never been treated differently by my family, friends, or co workers.....
                            Life is what happens to you while you're busy making other plans. -- John Lennon


                              Not a single member of my family came to see my wedding, and none of them came to see me when I was in a coma for 10 days dying after being crushed alive by a truck.
                              But, they call when they need rent or money for smokes. It's always $100.00

                              It used to hurt my feelings but I found that was just wasted sentimentality as were my feelings for all the friends that went away, as we no longer had much in common.

                              Yes, some people are petty and self-absorbed. oh well. Their lives are cheapened for it.

                              Then there are internet trolls, there is a level of hell reserved for them.

                              That being said, for being in a chair and in constant pain I THINK I KICK ASS.

                              I just thank who or whatever sent me my wife and allows me use of my two hands so I can work & get out into the outside world.
                              That's all I got.
                              Steve Garro.


                                Steve Garro, yes, you most certainly do kick major ass!