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    SCI daddies?


    My husband and I are preparing to have our baby in March and I was wondering if there are any men on this forum who are SCI and have become fathers, and can give us some advice:
    Are there good baby carriers that a dad in a wheelchair can wear and still wheel around ok?
    -my husband is T6 para, and is worried about balancing, he has some balance issues

    Is there any kind of stroller or attachment that a dad in a wheelchair can push or pull?

    how about a changing table that you can wheel under? anyone found one?

    we want to get a 'co-sleeper' that attaches to the bed so we can be close to the baby. Anyone used one? Is it easy for dad with SCI to reach over and hold the baby from the co-sleeper?

    thanks for any advice on these and other issues that you can think of around daddies in wheelchairs caring for infants and babies
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    My wife was 4 months pregnant when I was injured, my #4. For carrying I used a simple cloth sling, Native American style. Worked great for me, a T12. Balance is a valid concern. Never used a changing table, personally. Beds, couches, whatever. We did use a co-sleeper and really liked it, for each infant. Made life much easier, especially for my wife and nighting breast feeding. This eventually led to 'family bed'. I'm still trying to get the youngest into his own bed, 5 years later, but I don't really mind! The next youngest didn't vacate our bed until he was 7! Then one day, he just did, on his own. We almost always used the slings, up until they could walk well enough on their own (between 2 and 3), as opposed to a stroller. I've never had any problems pushing any old stroller, though. Good luck!
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      I'm a T-6 and the only real thing I had to figure out was how to pic the kid off the floor: bib overalls worked. I used whatever for changing, mostly my lap. We had a king size water bed and the baby slept between us. Also made it easy to move him into his own bed when he got old enough, just crowd him.
      Used a chest pack until he got balance, then he sat on my lap.


        My Son was 6 weeks old when I was injured. I'm t2/t3 and he's grown now 33! makes me old. But, I guess we made it.

        As others have said I didn't need to do too much accommodating. I think we just adapt. I had an old Everest and Jenning w/chair and did use armrest so by the time he got balance and trunk control he would just sit on my lap and hold on to armrest for balance. I could also lean on the armrest to pick him up w/out falling out of chair. It doesn't take to long before they are crawling up and climbing on you!

        Many good days lie ahead , enjoy.


          What worked for me ( t6 para), especially for the first 12 months, was a nursing pillow with a waist strap. Google 'Ease Back Combination Nursing Pillow & Back Support by Leachco'.

          For changing table we use an old kitchen table in the nursery with a changing pad.
          To transfer from lap/pillow, I roll along side of the table, grab the kid under arms, place my elbow on the table and slowly pivot the kid over the elbow.

          Hope this helps.

          Good luck.