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Fight for full custody concern

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    Fight for full custody concern

    I am in the process of seeking out Legal Aid representation to fight for full custody of my 7 year old son. His mother is a drug addict with a recent criminal history. She has been attempting to sabotage my son and I's relationship as well as curropt his his mind with terrible thoughts. My concerns in a custody battle are how are they going to look at my disability and my ability to care for my son. I'm capable of it all and have a great support system to help but the one issue I'm worried about is waking him up, preparing him for school and seeing him to the bus. Anyone been thru this?
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    You may pay your caregivers extra to prepare his meals or they most likely have a school lunch program.
    Set his own alarm clock, make a checklist, clothes out the night get it.

    Come home same thing, empty the school bag for all the papers he gets so you can read them.
    Hang the school calendar. know what day gym is so he has his sneakers on, little things that will make transitioning easier.

    Best of luck!
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      Your abilities will not be held against you especially in light of your sons current living arrangements and as his father you have paternal rights by the way you can sue the state if your son comes to any harm. I have a judge, 2 lawyers and 2 bailiffs in my family.
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        My kids were older than he is when I was hurt, but by 7 he can get himself up a dressed, and even get his own breakfast, with a little advance planning.

        What is the bus situation? Can you just wheel down to the stop and wait with him, or is there something more complicated?

        You will be able to do it!
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          Oh I am sorry you are still dealing with this.
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            getting ready for school

            Hi - I'm new here. I've got a son - he's 16 now - and I was injured years before he was born, so I've been through this. I set my alarm(he can also do this, I wish I had gotten my son used to doing this for himself at that age), woke him up, he got dressed - I'm not much of a breakfast cooker (I do dinner), so he ate cereal... it helps to be organized and have everything ready, and I certainly was not always organized and there were mornings when we ran around looking for his shoes. Having the clothes laid out the night before, the backpack packed and ready to go, including any papers that need to be signed by you... if he takes lunch to school, it's good if that can be packed the night before. He can probably even help with the lunch packing, and getting the clothes laid out (hopefully, laundry's all done and you don't have to search for clean, matching socks - I know I have

            The bus - don't know what your situation is with the bus, how far the stop it, how easy it is for you to wheel there. I lived in an apartment complex and the bus stop was about a 3-minute push away, right on the property. Until he was in the 2nd or 3rd grade I did go with him there. Unless there was a lot of snow on the ground it was not difficult. Sometimes I got up and did my 2-hour bathroom/shower routine before taking him to the stop, sometimes after - just put a coat on over the pajamas. Because of the snow thing, the school district said the bus could pick him up right in front of the building, so then I just went down to the lobby with him.

            I work at home so I was able to go to the bus stop in the afternoon and pick him, too.

            Good luck with everything!


              Do you do your own laundry? My OCD tip, from AB days, as follows: Put lil matching outfits in gallon sized ziplocs, store under kitchen cabinets. Get up-throw child in shower. Wake sleeping child from shower floor, send naked child to kitchen to dress. Stuff some sort of foodstuff down child's face.

              Ideally, backpack etc. is already situated, all papers signed, etc.

              Keep spare backpack ready, w/ crayons and such, in case you ever get to go out to dinner.

              Good luck, man. I'd pick a quad over a druggie any day.
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                No advice here but offering my support.
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