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XBOX Kinect - people in wheelchair don't exist

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    I have a Xbox 360 with the Kinect system. It can read me but it is hard to find games. I found some games through AbleGamers which I saw their booth at the Chicago AbilitiesExpo this year. The games I've found for sitting in my chair are:

    Brain and Body Connection (found on my own)

    Fruit Ninja (AbleGamers)

    Kinect JoyRide (Microsoft via link below)

    Kinectimals (Microsoft via link below)

    Forza Motorsport 4 (Microsoft via link below)

    The Gun Stringer (Microsoft via link below)

    The things I've found is to make sure you have the kinect sensor placed in a spot that is exactly mid-chest level when seated in your chair.

    The address for AbleGamers is


      I would like to echo what Funklab and Zaphod had to say. I am a t-10 para (25yrs post injury) and have come to understand that there will simply be things I can't do (I would have loved to join the army but understand that is impossible). It breaks my heart about the 9yr old boy but hopefully he will come to appreciate that there are still millions of activities for him.


        Just to follow up. My first issue was my son purchased the Kinnect system and the game which came with it and at no time did the assitant ever mentioned while he took the child's money that he may have difficulties using the system because he was in a wheelchair. I took that issue up with the shop and they did send an email around to all their stores. While this will not stop somebody from making an ill-informed choice for a child in a wheelchair but at least the store will advise a wheelchair user when they purchase the product.

        I also followed up with Microsoft and they did make an effort to address the issue by bringing Sean into Microsoft and working with him on the system. Thanks to Microsoft's actions, Sean really only has positive memories of the whole episode so I just left it there.

        I agree the Kinnect system did track Sean and it was the game which refused to acknowledge him. He has used the Kinnect to talk to friends while gaming but finds the echo is bad and requested a headset for Christmas, so the Kinnect has now been regulated into equipment we no longer use box as we have never purchased another game to use with that system.


          Originally posted by soimumireland View Post
          Just to follow up...
          Wow. Not many would bother after 2 years. Nice to hear you got some response.
          A couple years ago I bought a Wii hoping it would entice my wife to try and maintain some fine motor skills. That didn't work out either. We mostly use it to watch netflix. Perhaps a game that eliminates some physical barriers doesn't really appeal to the disabled. It would be interesting to see the usage rates of interactive game systems as a percent of population for disabled and able-bodied.