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A renewed life and future plans

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    A renewed life and future plans

    A renewed life and future plans

    By Kate Santich | Sentinel Staff Writer
    Posted January 1, 2005

    In late April, Michelle Carston, a 35-year-old Winter Park woman, went to the beach for the first time since 1993, when she had dived off a pier in Cancun and broken her neck.

    This time, though, the occasion was infinitely happier -- it was her honeymoon, and she and Peter Carston, 34, were visiting the shores of a Caribbean island on a weeklong cruise.

    "We had to get me back out there -- and I have the pictures to prove it," Michelle says. "It was the best trip of our lives."

    Certainly she had waited a long time for it. Unlike a lot of her peers, the former Michelle Hlavek knew from the time she was a child that, above all else, she wanted one day to get married and have babies. On the day of the accident, she'd been on a romantic getaway with her boyfriend, and the two had talked of eloping.

    The injury left her paralyzed from the shoulders down and with only partial use of her hands. Though some dreams died that day, and the romance along with them, she never gave up on love.

    Four years ago, she met Carston, an able-bodied computer technician, and on a perfect spring day in March they wed in an outdoor ceremony.

    Married life, it seems, has agreed with them.

    "I love it," she says, "because I'm married to Peter."

    "It's great," he says.

    The two are having a fully wheelchair-accessible house built in Winter Garden.


    It'd be great if all non disabled were able to see disabled people as this story,I mean it needs a very good and strong love relationship for "making a marriage between a non disabled and a disabled work"
    Wheels for Independence