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I need help with court case over my daughter

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  • I need help with court case over my daughter

    I'm a c5 quad. I went through a divorce a year and a half ago and the judge gave me supervised visitation every other weekend. She was 4 at the time now she's 6. He based his ruling solely on my disabilty. I've been told that's discrimination within it's self. My ex and I had a meditation scheduled with another attorney last week to try and settle this out of court and of course she would not agree to anything so now we get to face a judge on Nov 3rd so the decision is in his hands. All I'm asking for is unsupervised visits with my daughter during the day time hours not the night time hours. I feel like somebody needs to be with us during the night because there could be a fire and with somebody here they could help her get to safety. When my daughter was 3 and my ex and I were still married she worked as a home health nurse. Most of the time she was atleast 45 minutes away and the whole time my daughter and I were at home by OURSELVES with no supervision and had no trouble what so ever. Let remind you she was 3. Now that we are divorced and my daughter is 6 she absolutely will not allow unsupervised visits. As a result I get no time alone with my daughter. Her arguement to why it was ok that we were at home alone when she was at work for atleast 5 hours a day is that she claims that she was available to pick up and leave her job even if she was 45 minutes or an hour away. That's not being available to be here in time to help if there was a problem. I am perfectly capable of taking care of my 6 year old daughter during the day without supervision. Now it's up to the judge who said I'm unfit to be an active part of my daughters life because of my disability. I need all the help I can get so my daughter and I can have the quality of a father daughter relationship that I am getting denied. Anything would help so PLEASE if you know anything I can do let me know. My e-mail address is Thank you very much. There's more to this situation but I would be writing a book so here is the basics. Thank you again and please respond if you know of any way to help me. My little girl means the world to me.



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    Copied this to Life forum for, hopefully, more input.

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      There is a lawyer out east somewhere that specializes in cases like this and would undoubtedly help you. Can anyone help with this?


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        I have no idea what to tell you to do, but I do hope someone is able to help you!

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