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Children's nightmares

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    Children's nightmares

    The last few nights Ruslan, almost 12, has been waking up bawling from nightmares about his dad. Scott is a C7, and we're divorced now. Ruslan is so afraid that, since he's not living with us, people are going to be mean to his daddy, push him down stairs and tease him.

    Frankly, I don't believe they're really dreams. He's been so stressed out about summer school and apparently some other things. He seems to lie in bed and dwell on the worst possible outcome for every situation. He's a lot like me as a child, often consumed with fear. He's in counseling.

    Anyone else's children obsess about their sci parent that way?

    I did not equate my dad and SCI when I was a kid. He was/is one cool guy. He has worked his ass off all his life and has never let us see him in a down moment. Even during TS Allison, he had a difficult time and wore out fast with pulling up his carpet, but still did not try to show weakness. I did and oooften try to imagine what it was like to fall that far, have three vertabrea in your back explode like a grenade, then be told you will never walk again. Only to prove them wrong! I love my dad, he is my symbol of streigth, even when I loose site of mine in my owwn disability.