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The End... Or Just the Beginning?

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    The End... Or Just the Beginning?

    I need to vent...

    My mother's first husband (with whom she had remained friends) was a para. He recently committed suicide. This has made my mother very upset, and personally, I find him at fault. In my way of looking at things, suicide isn't just stupid, it's wrong. I don't buy the thinking that `It's hard to blame him, considering...' This guy had options. Not to belittle the problems, but most people have some aspects of our lives we don't like at all but can't change. I myself have experienced quite a bit, and say what you will, I know myself enough to know I would have the will to live in his situation. I know there are lots of other people out there doing it, including many of you here and some really beautiful people, and I have a lot of respect.

    Please, nobody make the mistake he made! It affects people beyond what you would imagine (especially if you're thinking no one cares about you). I think most people underestimate just how much other people appreciate them. We all have the opportunity to be leaders and assist our fellow humans in the goals of life, no matter our physical abilities.

    Just looking for people to talk to...


    Sorry to hear of this. Suicide is an incredibly selfish act. It leaves others with anger, and guilt for being angry. But I don't think the people who do it mean to hurt those they left behind. For whatever reason, they can't see past their own pain. I doubt he did it because of paraplegia, or any other reason you can pinpoint. More an overwhelming sense of grief, I suspect. It's just not logical to those of us who haven't been there..

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      Inspired- My sympathies go out to you and your family!

      I have been a para for 21 years! Have I thought about suicide? Sure! Who hasn't! But it was a very breif thought at the most. I my mind "Suicide is a Permanent Solution to a Temporary Problem!"

      Take Care