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Faster labor with SCI?

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  • Faster labor with SCI?

    My fiance and I have been talking about having a baby (in a year or so!). I hate to admit this, but I'm scared to death of labor and always have been! I was doing some research on pregnancy and SCI and an article I read said SCI can shorten labor. It said that since your muscles aren't working, they are looser and cause your labor to be shorter. Is this true?? Does anyone here have any first hand experience with this? I'd really like to hear some real life SCI labor stories! Thanks.

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    I'm not sure if SCI shortens labour but in my case I was admitted to the hospital at 4cm dilation around 7:30 pm and at midnight I was just 5/6cm and they broke my water. At 4am they gave me an epidural for AD and started pictocin and at 7am I was fully dilated and my daughter was ready to be born. She just needed a little tug from the forceps.
    It seems short to me, but my mom had short labours too, so I can't say for sure.

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      I have had a cecarea all three times, not because of the SCI but because my pelvis were too small. But the doctors say a normal birth is ok but here they don't give epidural to people with SCI. They are afraid to make anything wrong with the spinal cord.
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        I'm new to this site and I love it!
        I've given birth twice since my sci and both went full term. I ended up having c-sections with both because I experienced dysreflexia when my water broke from the pain. I of course didn't feel it but my body did! Once the Dr gave me an epidural, everything was fine. He decided on my next pregnancy to schedule a c-section 1 week before my due date to avoid me going into labor.
        My only heart break was breastfeeding. I had my heart set on it, my milk never did fill them up and cause them to gain weight. I ended up having to switch to formula and I was devastated. I always wondered if it was due to the sci, but none of the Drs knew.
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