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spinal cord injury Mother!! Since being Paralyzed

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    spinal cord injury Mother!! Since being Paralyzed

    My name is Sharron and I am looking for others that have children since being paralyzed, I have a son, he's almost 4 and I've had him since being paralyzed!!!He is my heart! just looking to chat with others, my email is if you take the time to respond I promise to write back, Sharron

    Sharron, welcome!! I'm so happy you found us. You've landed at the right place. There are several women your age in the same situation. I hope you make many friends and get all the guidance and support you need as a parent.



      Welcome! I am glad you found us. There aren't many spots in the world for sci moms to meet and discuss. What level is your injury? Any
      of your experiences you would like to share, please chime in, whether it be about pregnancy w/ sci, childrearing w/ sci, tips, problems that maybe we can help you with. You women who have been there, done it, are the greatest resource the young sci women dealing with pregnancies and babies will ever have. Nothing speaks like the voice of experience.

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        Welcome Sharron. We desperately need more participation from moms with SCI, please don't hesitate to share your wisdom and experiences!!!

        If you don't mind, could you us about your pregnancy experience?