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Pics of one of our new family addition ;)

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    Pics of one of our new family addition ;)

    Recently we were blessed with two new additions to our family. Nick took the pics of Lady, our beagle. She is so cute and gives us bunches of laughs with her howls. I call her and make a howling bark like hers and then she starts howling too. Nick has been training her too and getting her to go down on command. We are keeping her inside the house since awhile back we had a purebred dachshund and it mysteriously disappeared. There were no holes to show that he had dug out of the front yard. I guess he flew out with his big ears. LOL So now we aren't taking chances with Lady.

    We also have another dog which we aren't sure of her breed. Her name is Midnight because she is pitch black colored. They told us she was a Lab but to me she looks more like a German Shepard and some other breed. Nick thinks it might be wolf but we aren't sure. She is huge and she has to live in the fenced back yard so she can't jump out. Especially since it has a six foot fence. We haven't been able to train her at all. I
    managed to take a pic of Isis and her when she was a baby but we need to look for it on my puter so I can post it here. Will do so when I find it.

    So the following are Lady's pics only.

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    Beagles=love. I think no home is complete without one! They are the sweetest & very loyal although pretty noisy. All worth the noise though. Congratulations & welcome to the new kids!