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    I have tried a different fitness game, but I don't use it in conjunction with the fit pad, it's Jillian Michaels Fitness Ultimatum 2009. I have good enough trunk strength that I can do the arm motions for the exercises (kayaking, running, punching) you can even trick it for some of the moves, if I bend over really fast it will think I've done a squat.

    This gets me out of breath quickly, I think it's a pretty good cardio workout. I do it when I get tired of the Vita Glide.


      I really enjoy playing the Nintendo Wii. It's the first game console I've been able to play and I can even play it from bed. The problem I have is finding someone to set it up on my hand and play with me, or just leaving me alone after that. Otherwise, tennis is my favorite game and maybe almost everybody I know at baseball. It really helps me work with my balance and I think every rehab center should have one. Not only would I get a workout, I would be smiling too.
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        WII is the Bomb lol

        as an incomplete c-7 walking quad, with 2 tendon transfers on my right hand for extra function, total left shoulder replacement and very little balance the WII and the sports package iis the Freakin ultimate.

        I can stand and bowl a game , taxing but great exercise, the boxing gives my replacement shoulder an amazing workout, and of couse the tennis and the golf .

        what more can you say.

        Use it or lose it.
        Exercise, even if it is just swinging at air lol

        no matter what level you are is is of the UPMOST importance to do something.

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          Exactly...I love the Wii and it helps tremendously...but the wii fit...that relies on the balance board? When you cannot stand...that makes it difficult to do things that game requires.

          Tennis and bowling are fun...but boxing...there is a workout!
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            I love wii! part of my PT is playing wii while in a standing frame - boxing & tennis are my favorites - it gives me something to do while in the standing frame! Boxing with cuff weights on kicks my ass ..............

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              can you do the jillian michaels exercises from sitting in w/c? cos the doing arm movements like kayaking etc sounds like it would be good for arm strength.

              I seen it advertised but dont think its released in UK yet. There's one called EA sports or something coming out too (maybe out already in US) but only seen demos of that one where people are stood and using those resistance bands or a ball. (its a challenge sitting on a regular chair let alone a ball.. lol!)


                I play Wii Fit and Tiger Woods golf.Loads of fun.Helps me with my balance.My biofeedback doctor encourages it.I love all video games,specially racing sims on XBOX and PS3
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                  I forgot to say.. I did a review on wii fit (for an ataxia site) you do need some ability to stand and do a few steps for most of the exercises. Here is copy of review I did for wii fit, I dont know if it will be useful to anyone on here but it will give you a rough idea what you need to be able to do for most of the exercises, if you were considering wii fit, it also mentions wii sports. (Bear in mind its written from an ataxia viewpoint for people whose main difficulty is balance and co-ordinating arms and legs rather than actual paralysis)

                  Wii Fit Review for Ataxia site

                  A few years ago I got the Nintendo Wii, it came with Wii Sports - tennis, baseball, bowling, golf and boxing. There is a practice mode as well and a fitness one that works out your fitness age depending on how well you preform at certain tasks.

                  It is possible to play all these games from a wheelchair as i did myself, but you do need good range of movement in your arms as you have to do the actions you would do if you playing the real swinging your arms. Bowling and golf are the most leisurely and boxing is the most physical, (requiring both arms held up and constantly moving) and you need good upper body balance so you dont fall off your chair when you trying to avoid opponents punches! (you might want to start sat in the middle of a 3 seater sofa so either direction is a soft landing!!!)

                  It is most suitable for people with good upper body strength who are working to keep it for as long as possible and looking for a more fun way to keep their arms going. It does help to improve co-ordination as well. If you are hemiplegic it is possible to play all the sports, (except for boxing) with only one arm/hand

                  There is also 'Wii Fit' available now and I have copied and pasted a review I did of it (below). This is a good one for Ataxians as it contains a special section on balance exercises, the balance board is not too high to step onto and is quite wide although I can still get my walking frame around it for me to hold onto. The Yoga and muscle group exercises also contain floor exercises.

                  Wii Fit Review

                  To do be able to do most of the games on Wii Fit you must already be able to:

                  sit unaided
                  stand or pull yourself to standing with aid (helper or walking aid)
                  Be able to stand supported or unsupported for at least 5 minutes
                  walk a few steps with or without mobility aid (two exercises include walking on the spot)

                  Training categories

                  There are four training categories:

                  Muscle Workouts
                  Aerobic Exercises
                  Balance Games


                  This starts with one of the easiest exercises, just deep breathing, though you have to be able to stand on the Balance Board with or without holding onto a walker and follow the onscreen trainer in Deep Breathing. You can choose to have a male or female trainer in all the exercises.

                  This category also includes exercises where you have to stand on one leg raising the other. The best walker to do these with is a walker with solid seat on that can support the weight of your leg on it while you use both hands to help hold you up. Although you may find the seat gets in the way on other exercises. (You could use a stool to rest your leg on and use a traditional style zimmer frame with no wheels or seat around the board).

                  The Balance Board will fit under the back of these walkers, so you can use them to support you. (you might prefer to have someone else present to stop you wobbling over, unless you are really confident that you can hold yourself steady with your arms).

                  It also includes Floor exercises where instead of using the Balance Board you hold the Wii remote in one of your hands for it it monitor your movement.

                  You dont have to be able to complete all the activities in each section to be able to unlock them all. You can select the ones you can do. It explains which muscle groups you are working.

                  Muscle Workouts

                  This is similar to yoga section but more of the exercises are harder to do. It involves things like push ups. (you have hands on balance board and push your body up). If you can already do push ups, you might like that one. It also has other floor exercises that can be adapted.

                  For example 'jackknife' – in the demo you have to lie down on floor with heels on balance board and raise legs and arms/upperbody at same time. However you can also do an easier version of this by sitting up (supported if necessary) on the floor, heels on balance board and trying to raise your legs (or have someone else raise your legs on and off) when the bar reaches the line.

                  Aerobic Section

                  This is basically 3 different versions of Step Aerobics and Jogging, 2 Hula Hoop games and one called Rhythm boxing.

                  The Step Basics may be possible just stepping on and off using the walker to balance, (you need to have some ability to walk to start with) you dont have to do the side steps, alternatively once you unlock free step you can do that whilst watching another tv programme, although you need to be able to hear the sound (rhythm) from the wii remote that indicates when to step up and down.

                  The jogging is the only one that could be done from wheelchair or sitting, as you are just holding the wii remote and jogging on the spot. However it only actually records your movements so all you have to do is move your arms to make your character 'jog'. This then could be an exercise to help improve your ability to do repetitive movements with your arm and take turns with each arm.

                  This game has a extra feature that there are 15 symbols on the island to collect once you have unlocked 'free running' you can go wherever you want to collect them or 'jog' while you are watching another tv programme.

                  For the Rhythm boxing you have to be able to step forwards on the board then punch the bag in the rhythms shown. However I have discovered that you can also sit on edge of walker seat or wheelchair (footplates removed), feet on balance board, when it shows your foot stepping forwards just lift it off the board and put your weight on the remaining foot while doing the punches from sitting! This turns it into a good exercise for co-ordination lifting one foot off while punching with opposite arm.

                  Balance Games

                  This is my favourite along with selected exercises from the yoga section!

                  It has two very good games for balance and you only have to move your body a minimal amount. 'Table Tilt' involves a platform with balls on and a hole in the platform.. you have to move your body in direction you want the balls to go to get them down the hole.

                  'Balance Bubble' – your Mii (character) is inside a bubble on a stream you have to use your body to tilt bubble in direction you want to go avoiding the sides and bees that come. Aim is to get downstream in quickest time without bubble popping. This game isnt available to begin with, so you have to spend time on activities you can do to unlock it.

                  Another game that's quite different is Zazen. This tests your sitting balance. You have to sit on the wii board and look at a candle on screen. It measures if you are sitting straight and balanced (not wobbling about too much) the candle goes out if you arent balanced. This is good one to build up sitting posture and core muscle strength, combined with some of the back exercises from yoga and muscle workouts section.

                  Some other fun games are: 'ski jump' - lean over walker with legs bent until skier reaches bottom of run then straighten your legs to jump into the air, keep your balance once standing upright for skier to go further.

                  'heading' – move body left, right, centre to head footballs, watch out for other things like football boots which deduct a point if they whack you on the bonce!

                  'Tightrope walker' – involves you walking on the spot (holding onto walker if needed), while your mii walks across a tightrope. There is an obstacle (1 on easy version, 3 on hard) that your character has to jump over. You don't need to jump! To perform the 'jump' just bend legs then straighten and your mii will jump over the obstacle.

                  'Ski slalom' and 'snowboarding slalom' involve more swaying to left and right to move between the flags on ski's/snowboard. Be careful you dont fall off the board! Another cute one is where your character is dressed as a penguin and you have to move left and right on an iceberg to catch the fish jumping out of water. However I seem to spend more time in the! This one also has to be unlocked.

                  Some of the games are there to start with and just have an advanced level to unlock. Some games are greyed out and are unlocked after a certain amount of time has been 'spent' on activities.

                  Also in yoga and muscle exercises section you can unlock options to do more repetitions of an exercise ie. 6 instead of 3, after achieving a certain score or spending a set amount of time on them.

                  The Body test

                  You can do a body test everyday. It tests your weight and works out your Body mass Index and Wii Fit age based on a selection of balance tests it gives you. You can take the test more than once and choose to overwrite the first set of results if the second are better. The BMI and wii fit age is a bit hit and miss. For example two days I was the same weight but my BMI was higher the second day.

                  The next day i had lost 4lbs and managed to pass the balance tests it gave me that day so it worked out my body was 15 years younger than my age and I was super (she says shuffling along with walker like 90 yr old!) But it is good for keeping track of your weight and i have checked with my regular bathroom scales and they show the same weight, you can set yourself a goal like losing a stone in 1 week–3 months etc.

                  The Stillness Test is a particular challenge I find, but my score on this have improved and so have the results from my centre of gravity tests since I first started using it.

                  I think the feedback you get from the wii is better than just exercising using videos. It works out your centre of gravity as well while you are standing on the board. In some of exercises you have to keep the bar within blue lines which shows whether you are doing exercise properly or not.

                  In the yoga section you (red dot) are inside a yellow circle and you have to try and stay in it (keeping your balance and posture correct) while doing the activity. You get points and these add up to time spent on exercises which unlock more games.

                  It is worth the £70 (uk) if you are semi mobile and trying to stay that way as it offers exercises that strengthen all muscle groups you need to stay mobile in the yoga and muscle training exercises and also the fun exercises that will help with the balance aspect of ataxia.

                  I have had this game since it came out and I can still stand, my scores arent brilliant but they are improving and I'm thinking of trying the exercises with wrist and ankle weights to see if they help me.


                    Katilea - yes, when I do the Jillian Michaels game I always sit in my chair.


                      How much of the game can you do from sitting?

                      Its not out till June 5th over here but I been looking at it as its my birthday on the 6th!


                        I haven't done it in about a month (been getting outside for bike rides) but I feel like I can do just about the whole game. I have pretty strong core muscles, though, my injury is at L2.

                        Some of the activities require leaning side to side, and some I've done by bending over quickly, these are modifications of the real movements you're supposed to do. I think as long as you can swing your arms around pretty well you'll be okay.

                        One of the exercises that it goes to often (you can do a mixed mode where you do short bursts of different activities) is running, and I just pump my arms like I would for running. It's amazing how fast this gets my heart rate up!


                          Definitly think that the tennis would be great for ROM.
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                            mario kart seems to be one of the best wii games(rating 8.5/10), especially because is played with the driving wheel. I was thinking if that position (having the wheel in hands) is not good for improving triceps and balance(for incomplete high quads as me).

                            ps: the geek guy is funny, and from time he has interesting reviews .

                            UPDATE: but........i think u have to use buttons to accelerate and stop, and in that case in not good for me because I don't move any finger
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                              My name is Jackie, and I work for the company that makes the EasyStand standing frame. We have heard a lot about Wii-hab, and people playing from their wheelchair, or their stander. We actually had an article on our blog about it, earlier this week for anyone who is interested. Here it is

                              Everyone have a great Memorial Day Weekend!


                                I just had a go on a friend's Wii. I know they've been out for years, but just thought they were tennis games etc

                                It was a canoeing game where you have the single paddle and have to paddle both sides. So addictive against the clock!
                                I haven't had such a workout in years, everything is hurting!(In a good way!)

                                I'm definatley going to have a Wii, very impressed!