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    I have been approved for an RTI 300. I would like to hear from those that one, how they like them, and if service was needed, how well it was handled.


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    When you say that you've been approved does that mean that your medical insurance paid for the RT-300? I'm in the process of appealing the Blue Shield of California denial for a RT-300 that we just purchased for Brian. Kim at RT sent me an email that said she was working on our apeal to Blue Shield of California. I'm concerned that she might be so busy that she can't spend much time working on our appeal. Did Kim get the RT-300 approved for you?

    We had a problem with the INTERNET connection to the RT-300 HP controller. I called Restorative Therapies and the problem was fixed over the INTERNET very quickly.



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      I love mine....I got one 2 weeks ago. I worked with Theresa and they were more than helpful. Bike arrived quickly and Candy from Shepherd came over to install it. I am only supposed to use it every other day, so too soon to see results yet. It does require my husband to help me get it together for each session. It feels great to feel my quads working again!


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        I tried, with a great effort about 5 years ago to get an ERGYS II approved through Blue Cross. My case manager with Blue Cross even tried to help me get it approved. Seemed some states were more liberal than others back then and many Blue Cross policy holders had FES bikes.

        No go for me.

        Mine is provided through the State of Louisiana Traumatic Brain Injury and Spinal Injury Trust Fund. I have waited to be approved for 4 long years.

        I appreciate the responses.


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          Congratulations on hanging in there.

          I'm impressed with the quality of the RT-300. It seems to be well designed and study. Of course it's not an inexpensive piece of equipment but sometimes even expensive things can be made cheaply. The RT-300 is not flimsy.



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            I have been using the same 2 RT300 with clients for over 3 years (4-6 hr use per day avg). The only true problem that we had was due to shorts in the leads (blue tooth connection problems at first but as Roger said, they were promptly fixed over the phone). Many individuals would not take the time to properly unfasten the gel pads from the leads (pulling on the wire and thus causing shorts). I know that RT has addressed this issue by increasing the strength of the leads. I would like to say that their customer service was impeccable. They had new leads (free of charge) next day aired.

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              ive had one for 2 years works great ive had afew connection problems but they can fix it over the phone i love mine it auto updates as to your progress good luck and happy cycling keep us in formed as to how you like it
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                Only problem we have had is with losing connection to their AP, and once in a while we have lead issues. The conn probs are fixed by unplugging the bike and AP, and they are quick about sending new cables when the leads break.

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                  i love mine and echo everyone else on customer service they are great


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                    What is the cost for RT 300?


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                      RT 3000 costs 15,000.


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                        Originally posted by Timo
                        What is the cost for RT 300?
                        We just put our order in for it last Thursday and should be getting it this week. It put us back about $15,000.


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                          RT 300 owners

                          Has anyone had RT 300 approved through Federal BC BS?
                          Mike P.


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                            Rti 300

                            were trying to get the bike for our 18 month old daughter...anyone know any grants that would help out with the cost?!