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walking with forearm crutches

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    Originally posted by Broknwing View Post

    The first pair are the euro style...I originally had those and they don't offer nearly as much support as the second pair...
    I really wish someone had told me this months ago. I bought a pair of closed-cuff forearm crutches off the internet a few weeks back. To me, it makes a world of difference. I'm really not functional at all on open-cuff forearm crutches, which are indeed the standard around here. With the closed-cuff ones, I can at least get around my appartment without having to lean against a wall every three steps for fear that I will fall.

    Because of pain issues, I likely won't be going outside on these crutches, but still ... if you haven't tried closed-cuff yet, I say you definitely should!


      Originally posted by arndog View Post
      Use a backpack to carry items if you are using forearm crutches. If you are at a grocery store or walmart, throw the crutches into the cart and get your stuff and wheel it out to your car unload it, and wheel the cart back to the return area and then grab the forearm crutches to get back to your car
      I bought a small sturdy office cart to use at work. It had two baskets and was small like a mail cart. We ordered it through office depot at work but it would be perfect for home and forearm crutches. I ordered and used a laundry cart at home like they have in laundrymats.

      You have to be careful and not get a plastic rubbermaid thing though. I often thought my work cart would work for anything at home...gardening, laundry, cleaning, making dinner if you had a bigger home and had a longer distance to transport things to and from.

      I tried to find it online but couldn't. It was stainless steel and similar to a grocery cart except the baskets sat one on top of another. It kept me from falling once on a wet floor at work.
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