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Using tens unit on stomach for muscle contractions

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  • Using tens unit on stomach for muscle contractions

    I recently started using my tens unit on my stomach because it made the muscles flex, or at least that's the way it seems. It didn't cause me any sort of pain or discomfort. I've had slow return of upper body muscle so I thought it might help speed things up. I had also had sporadic lower body sensation but for months it hadn't really showed itself. The day after I first tried this the sensation came back. I've been doing this every other day for about six days now and it seems like it might be helping. My first question is could this be harmful and my second question is could this help speed up the process of return?

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    From what I understand Christopher Reeve used tens units all over and he, too, began to get sensations back. I would contact the Christopher Reeve Foundation to ask about it. I'm quite sure that your Dr or PT could tell you the do's and don'ts...


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      Thank you very much