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    start pulling more cassettes out and blowing the dust off...
    It's all good, unless you start pulling out the 8-tracks and blowing the dust off those puppies! Try explaining an 8-track player to a 20 year old.


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      my g/f daughter's boy friend bought a jag a while back and it came with an eight track...I was making fun of him, asking if he knew how it worked.. the kid is like 26yr ..good kid...


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        3 Rolling Stones tracks

        Paint it Black
        You Can't Always Get What You Want
        Sympathy for the Devil

        Faithless - Insomnia

        Radiohead - Anyone Can Play Guitar

        Snow Patrol - Open Your Eyes

        Editors - Munich

        Kasabian - Club Foot

        The Killers - Mr Brightside

        Stereophonics - Local Boy in the Photograph

        Smashing Pumpkins - Tonight, Tonight

        Muse - Starlight

        The Jam - A Town Called Malice

        Counting Crows - Mr Jones

        The Doors - Roadhouse Blues

        The Cult - She Sells Sanctuary

        The Cure - Friday I'm in Love

        Chaka Khan - Ain't Nobody

        The Cardigans - My Favourite Game

        The Boomtown Rats - I Don't Like Mondays

        Blur - Song 2

        Libertines - Can't Stand Me Now

        Morrissey - Irish Blood, English Heart

        Oasis - Live Forever

        PM me if you want a CD or summat
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          If you can handle it,

          Reign in Blood by Slayer
          The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Taste by Ministry
          Master of Puppets by Metallica

          are three albums you could run a marathon to.

          Lately I've been listening to Beggar's Banquet, Led Zeppelin 2, and The Black Album by Jay Z a lot. Eminem is another fun one to work out to, because I'm just a skinny white boy and indeed, I Just Don't Give a F**k.

          Singles? Let's see...

          Stop- Jane's Addiction
          Help!- The Beatles (Birthday is another good workout one, or any of them, I'm a Beatleholic)
          Misty Mountain Hop- Led Zeppelin
          Street Fighting Man- the Rolling Stones
          Welcome to the Jungle- GnR
          Teen Spirit- Nirvana
          Thunderstruck is good, but I'm a Bon Scott man, so I'll put down Dirty Deeds by ACDC.
          Would I Lie to You- Annie Lennox
          Sabotage- Beastie Boys
          Hey Ya- Outkast

          There's ten mainstream-ish songs that should get your blood pumping. I'd give you more, but I'm busy trying to organize the 9000 songs I've downloaded the past couple of weeks.


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            Betheny, I'd be happy to burn you a disk of some great blues-rock. Led Zep, Aerosmith, Guns & Roses, Cream... Plus some 80's hair band stuff. Poison, Skid Row, Warrant, Motley Crue...etc. And some classic blues like Stevie Ray, Gary Moore, Eric Clapton, Duke Robillard. How about The Ramones? "Blitzkrieg Bop," should get you moving! I've got a pretty good size collection, and I've promised Duramater I'd make another one for her, so it won't be a problem. Let me know. It would be my pleasure.
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              That would be awesome! Will pm, thanks!
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                when a/b i used to love finishing off doing bagwork and then skipping for an hour with guns n roses on as loud as i could stand-shouting singing n just being pumped with welcome to the jungle, night train etc?!!
                the pain got ignored and id just eat it up-wow i miss it!!!!