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University of South Carolina is still looking for volunteers

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  • University of South Carolina is still looking for volunteers

    Next Spring University of South Carolina is providing a 10 day research program free to whomever would like to participate. There are some criteria i'm sure some of you meet. Being able to walk/assisted or unassited for 10 ft and a few more, but from someone who was able to participate in the last program, i highly recommend it. I saw gains in just 10 days.
    I stayed at a hotel for 209 per week, that's not bad, but it really doesn't matter when you are getting 3 hours per day of free therapy.
    If any of you are interested, you should contact the University of South Carolina Physical Therapy department. It has a wonderful positive atmosphere, you will be part of research history towards a cure, and the head of program Dr Stacy Fritz is absolutely the nicest and brightest person i have ever met. Her staff and students are extremely bright and very forward minded toward spinal cord injuries. (unlike what i ran into in the beginning of my injury).
    If it is at all possible for you to meet some of these criteria, and get to South Carolina, i promise you will not be disappointed.