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Stomach muscles?

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  • Stomach muscles?

    I have a C-5 complete injury. I noticed that I can voluntarily move my stomach, even while holding my breath. How is that possible?

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    you're probably just moving your diaphram (the same muscle you use to breathe with). i can do it, too, and i'm almost the same level as you, i'm c5/6 complete. it's just pushing down on your GI tract and moving that stuff around while pulling on your lungs.
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      Don't be so sure, though, that it is not the sign of something passying trhu the injury. ASIA classification is just that, a standard classification, and difference bettween complete or incomplete is just sacral movement and sensation. Nonetheless, very rarely injuries are complete (just firearms or knifes injuries), and there is alwys a certain amount of axons left for connections. My son was diagnosed C7/C8 complete, and he is making full pull ups! So keep trying and do not resignate, and remeber that stomach muscles are innerved from very near to psoas muscles; and if you have or can recuperate them, you have some hope of walking. I'm not trying to illude you: but being pessimistic, like too many on this forum, what will bring you? At least by trying and exercising you keep your body in shape, and that's already a good result.
      Good luck.


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        I was just hanging out a friend with a C/4 complete that has regained both triceps, slight grip and upper stomach muscles. It can happen.


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          thanx all, i'll keep on practicing and see how it goes


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            I started getting stomach muscles back after three years. It's hard to tell though if you're flexing muscles or if it's just your breathing.


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              i was able to move my stomach in this same manner from the day i got home, always wonderd whats up, and ive done it off and on for 8 years, if i did it regular it could develeope?



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                I've seen

                similar level C5/6 complete do situps holding dumbells in each hand. got to be some stomach muscles in there. Although looking at my gut you wouldn't think so and I'm t-12. I need to start working out again.


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                  Originally posted by mimin
                  thanx all, i'll keep on practicing and see how it goes

                  sounds good, never believe in the I can't.
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                    experiment with sit ups

                    one day i just tried to sit up but i failed to get up far but i just kept trying. after a month of monitoring how far i could get up i can almost sit all the way up.i also got bored and put e-stim on my abs, i don't know if it helped but yea i did it


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                      I think its promising, keep at it, don't let a classification keep you from trying.
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