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NeuroMove NM 900 vs. Biomove 3000

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    NeuroMove NM 900 vs. Biomove 3000

    I have read some threads on the Neuromove NM900, but when I tried going to their website, the loading timed out and I can't bring them up. But another company's device comes up on my search engine called the Biomove 3000. Does anyone know if these two devices are similar in how they work? The Biomove is much more affordable. Has anyone used either one before with any positive results for SCI????


    I am the product manager for the company manufacturing the Biomove device and confirm the similarity between the two devices as can be confirmed in the FDA approval see

    In addition a recent study done at the Florida International University shows excellent results see


      I'm Confused

      I looked up Biomove and it says its for stroke patients. I understand that their are similarities between SCI's and stroke victims but the website doesn't say anything about people with an SCI using the device.

      Maybe I missed something.

      Please let me know I'm very interested..especially if it can help.



        Biomove versus Neuromove

        No doubt that the NEW Biomove 5000 device by FAR outperforms the other device. Visit for more information