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Where to work out in Toledo? How to find gyms when away from home?

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    Where to work out in Toledo? How to find gyms when away from home?

    My wife, T12 complete, and I will be in Toledo for a few weeks. Anyone know a place she can work out? I guess like a PT gym or a exercise club that has accessible equipment? Is there such a thing?

    She would be looking for things like:
    - Weight machines usable in wheelchair, like pulldown, row, curl, rickshaw, horizontal "bench" press
    - Free weight dumbbells
    - Saratoga stationary hand cycle
    - Standing frame

    If anyone knows of a place with some or all of these, please post. More generally, any suggestions on how to find something like this in any random city one might be in for a few weeks?


    Ann Arbor, MI

    There's got to be somewhere in Toledo closer than this, but just in case anyone else is iterested as well....

    An hour north of Toledo in Ann Arbor, MI is a brand new YMCA with an SCI Fit, w/c accessible weight equip, and an accessible pool. It's a beautiful facility, and I miss it terribly!

    Maybe we should make a sticky for accessible gyms across the country?

    Good luck!
    Disclaimer: I use voice dictation software, due to chronic tendinitis. Any gibberish-type errors in this post are due to the software's stupidity, not my own. Protect your arms and hands from overuse, people!


      I did my rehab at Mercy Center for Health Promotions at St Charles in Oregon (borders Toledo). Besides a rehab center, you can also join as a fitness member. Besides a fairly well equipped gym/rehab area, there is also a large rehab pool for use as well. The address is: 1001 Isaac Streets Drive...Oregon, Ohio. Their phone number is:419-696-7639. I hope this helps.