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Exercise tips to target a specific muscle?

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  • Exercise tips to target a specific muscle?

    Ok here is my situation. My right leg is the weak one and when I walk it doesn't seem to move as smoothly like my left leg or at least I don't have to think about it when walking. Whenever I take a step with my right leg it tends to go inward almost coming in contact with my left leg, specially when I am turning. It's not so much the whole leg that comes inward but more like everything below the knee. At times I exagerate my step (at least I feel like I am) so that my right leg doesn't come in contact with my left leg because I can trip myself. The inner side of my right knee also hurts and gets sore and I think that is due to the pivoting when driving because I do drive a lot. Is there any exercise I can do to strengthen what ever muscle I need to strengthen? I have a gym membership now and I sometimes wear a knee brace when using the tredmill so that it helps with the leg alignment. Either way, I need to straighten that leg otherwise its going continue puttiing a lot of stress on the knee for stepping incorrectly.
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    I have the same problem, kills my right knee, the knee that doesn't come in wards becuase I constantly have a KAFO to protect my bad leg. But it puts alot of stress on the unbraced leg.

    What you need to strengthen is your aductors in your leg that is hitting ur good leg. Its the muscle that brings ur leg out to the side. If you lay on ur back, and make like a snow angel the msucle that makes ur legs go outward is what you need to strengthen.

    You can do this by putting ankle wiehgts on the bad leg, and doing snow angels, also u can stand and hold onto somthing and just move ur leg inward and outward.
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      Have you tried anything like flights of stairs or a stairmaster type of excersise? I live in a 2 story house on a hill, and the stairs do alot to help me straighten out almost the same problem, except it's my left leg. Inclines or hills may help too, my biggest problem is on flat level ground, the leg get's lazy fast.I don't have a leg brace, as my left leg locks up in a straight position. Go figure. I have also looked into the Ness 300, but I don't know if it will help, I have to find out if Ins. will cover it. It reacts to different ground inclines, and terrain conditions from what they told me a few months ago.


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        Mr Coffee, thanks! the ankle weight is a good idea. I also have a gym membership and I think i should start using the adductor machine...that should help too. The exercise is done when seated, but I am sure is the same effect. :|

        Alhavel, I go up and down stairs all the time at school. My school is at a down/up imagine that hehe. I have a priblem with flat levels too when barefooted, its weird. When my foot start getting tired and I am barefooted I can feel the big-toe wanting drag on the floor.
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