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  • Shoulders

    I don't know if anybody's had similar luck, but ever since I started using my maegneciser hand bike that pain and popping in my shoulders is almost completely gone. Plus my arms are starting to look a lot more toned and dare I say... muscular? just thought I'd share

    And I've been noticing we are flashes of hot and cold sensation in my arms and legs. Does anyone have any idea what this can be caused by? I've been beginning to regain more sensation further down my arms and a little bit past my elbows, so hopefully the sensations are sign of good things to come.
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    I had that pain and popping, weak limb thing going on too. It took months of wchair pushing to make them go away. Every cm of returned sensation is treasure. Keep believing more will come and keep working out best you can. Everyone is different but - I was injured a month after you and have been fortunate to see a fair amount of return and put in a lot of daily exercise to strengthen it.


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      As your shoulders and arms get stronger the popping should go away. My shoulders used to pop and crack during ROM and working out, but now it's almost gone. As for the Hot/Cold sensations that could be the beginning of more sensation return.
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