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New bike helps people paralyzed from spinal cord injuries

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  • New bike helps people paralyzed from spinal cord injuries

    New bike helps people paralyzed from spinal cord injuries

    05:04 PM EST on Wednesday, February 28, 2007

    Reported by: Kathryn Barrett

    Paralyzed during an operation, David Albright has been in a wheelchair since 2004.
    He tried to work out by pushing his wheelchair in the neighborhood, but he worried about the wear and tear it would have on his shoulders.
    It didn't provide a good cardiovascular work out either.
    Now he's getting one as he works out on a new $17,000 exercise bicycle. "My heart rate is up. I'm breathing pretty good now. It feels like I'm doing a good jog," he noted.
    The bicycle provides electrical impulses that stimulate his leg muscles to move.
    He'll go almost ten miles before this workout is over.
    “With this, it seems to help naturally where I don't have to take as much medication,” he noted.
    That's just one of the benefits exercise provides a person with a spinal cord injury.
    Until now, the only bike like this in the state was at a rehab center near Charlottesville and was used by the late Christopher Reeve.
    Thanks to a state grant, there's now one in Hampton Roads. The Ergys 2 at Sentara Hilltop Center in Va. Beach is one of four new bikes statewide. They were purchased with grant money from the Commonwealth Neurotrauma Initiative.

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    there is an fes bike at the drake center, where i go, and they haven't even used it yet. i'll probably be the first one to use it once my pressure sore heals. but that is why i want to use one. my muscle spasms in my legs are pretty extreme and from what i've read, these bikes reduce spastisty...i cant wait.
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      If I spent $17,000.00 on an exercise bicycle my heart rate would go up too.
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