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"Push To Walk"- a brand new center for SCI recovery and exercise is opening in NJ!

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    Things have been coming along. Other than a few pieces of equipment we are waiting on, Push to Walk is pretty much ready.

    If you or anyone you know is interested in coming or just checking it out, I suggest you act quickly. Time is limited as we only have two trainers right now. Go to the website and use the email link to receive and fill out the questionnaire, or you can email me.

    Here are some pictures from today. Rob and I each got a quick workout in. Rob is the one narrating Project Walk's new video on their home page. He was home this weekend and didn't want to miss a day. You know how us Jersey guys do.

    The last picture is me, Rob, and the two trainers Lindsay and Eric.
    C5/6- Workin' on Recovery


      You guys, this looks so awesome! How very, very exciting. Looks cold outside, though...Brrrrr...


        OMG! You have just made my freakin day!!!



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          i was star struck with the easyglider, but the 6k+ pricetag made too much fun of me. i dropped in on the 5000. reason i post this is that i found it on ebay for 1k, it showed up in great shape and what a steal for the benefits. if you keep your eye open and keyword 'easy stand', they pop up quite often. i don't pay out of pocket for rehab, but it was costing $284/hr to go use thiers,now i'm freed up to do other things.

          What is the price for the it $284.00/hr like stated above?


            Dear Ice

            I'm not sure if you're asking about the cost of training at Push to Walk, but I thought I'd give you (and anyone else here who's interested) the info here. We are charging $65/hr for one-on-one training sessions. Most people do either 2-3 hours per session, once, twice or three times a week. It really depends on the client's proximity to our center, their schedule and goals. Everything is individually tailored to each specific client. I would love to give you more details if you are interested. Just ask!
            Cynthia Templeton


              Cynthia, you are correct...I was asking about the cost of the "Push to Walk" program. Thank you very much for your answer. Can you give us the same information about the training program, equiptment, and E.T.C.? Do you have a website for your center?


                Push to Walk

                Our website is currently under construction, but there is a short "blurb" about what we are doing. It's I am hoping that in the next few weeks we will have some more info posted explaining who we are and what we are doing. We also hope to have some pictures posted.
                One of our trainers, Lindsay, is a Level 1 Project Walk Certified Trainer with more than 3 years of experience working with a wide range of clients with SCI at various levels and in various stages of recovery. Our other trainer, Eric, is currently in the Level 1 Certification Program. Right now, we have about 1000 sq ft of space, and have 2 platform mats, a total gym, spin bike, standing bar, floor mats and all kinds of props.
                Anyone who would like to come and check us out is very welcome! We would love to meet with you, show you what we're doing and see if we can help you reach your goals.
                Cynthia Templeton


                  Kessler Institute

                  Hi Darren - I read all about your story on your website and it's great to see the video of you riding that bike. My brother's fiance is so encourage by your story. We are hoping to sign my brothers' fiance up for Push To Walk once she returns from Shands Rehab in Gainesville, FL. She trains horses for a living along with my brother and one of their horses jumped on top of her and broke her C6. I have a question for you about Kessler. Did you like them? Your updates on your site mainly talk about Shephards and there is a bit about the Children's hospital in Mountainside and a bit about Kessler. If you could send me a private message. that would be great. Also I would like to sign her up because I see your comment about limited openings.
                  Thanks - Stay strong and GOD BLESS!


                    If I live in Yonkers, man I am set.

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