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So You Want To Know What Your Calls To Dc Did?

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  • So You Want To Know What Your Calls To Dc Did?

    Holy Cow,

    One of the great things to come out of going to the DC rallies was the link to the “inside track” to the front line advocates

    Here is what I hear. The CRPA is OUT of committee which will allow it to go a floor vote NOW during the lame duck session. YOUR efforts and the efforts of your LOVED ONES and FRIENDS along with the heroic advocates who went to DC on November 26th is paying off.

    Man! Oh Man! this thing is so close. Please open this attachment
    to our friends at Unite 2 Fight Paralysis and get the rest of the story.

    Many of our friends and family members who we asked to call on November 26th have asked us if it helped. Here is the answer.

    Let us give this one more push for the birth of the CRPA. Spread the word once again to call these folks and let them know how much this means to all of us and the thousands out there that have lost their voices because paralysis has driven them to despair, financial ruin and hopelessness.

    We are on the one yard line and we need to join together and push for the score. If you have never called because you have FELT IT WOULD NOT MATTER ANYWAY well, it has and it will.


    Have everyone you know call, send out emails, send the word through Myspace. Do whatever you can. NOW

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    thanks Bostondad,

    I agree and it is our duty to remain hopeful as we have went to dc and fought our hearts out and it should not go in vain. The time is now and we must have our voices heard louder and louder.. I will do my best!