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Rehab places you can live?

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  • Rehab places you can live?

    Are there any rehab places that would let you live there while you go to therapy. Finding the right place to live is a pain for some quads.
    "Some people say that, the longer you go the better it gets the more you get used to it, I'm actually finding the opposite is true."

    -Christopher Reeve on his Paralysis

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    I assume you are talking about post-acute rehabilitation programs (intensive exercise programs), not initial acute inpatient rehab. I have not heard of any, at least not in the USA.

    Both the costs and the complications of trying to arrange attendant or nursing care, and meeting requirements for Dept. of Health and other state regulations are prohibitive for most programs, I must assume.

    The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


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      Hi Norm,

      It seems as though Sci-Step has some sort of pre-arranged housing. A bit pricey though..... if you have a lot of money or REAL good insurance coverage you may want to give them a call and inquire.

      Sci-Step, Inc.

      4457 Bethany Road, Suite J

      Mason, Ohio 45040

      (513) 459-2282

      (513) 459-0265 Fax

      Originally posted by Sci-Step
      Sci-Step participants can enter the program if they live 3 miles or 3,000 miles away. We have put together a housing option that can be added to the program for those needing to temporarily re-locate during the program. We have take care of all the detailed arrangements for participants and family members so the focus is on recovery! Those who choose to take advantage of our housing option will be staying in these 2 bedroom apartments just minutes away from Sci-Step and in an area with tons of shopping and dining options!!

      The Two Bedroom/Two Full Bathroom Fully-Furnished Apartment Includes:

      Water (average of $50.00 per month)
      Gas/Electric (average of $175.00 per month)
      Phone (long distance not included, base price of $40.00 per month)
      Trash Removal (average of $10.00 per month)
      Standard Time Warner Cable Package (average of $65.00 per month)
      Private Entrance with 2 Car Garage
      Gated Community
      Individual Alarm System
      Movie Theatre
      Cyber Cafe with DSL access
      Professional Business Resource Center
      Fitness Center
      Car Car Center
      Sand Volleyball Court
      Resort-style pool with waterfall
      Poolside Cabana
      Full Court Basketball
      Monthly resident events
      Much more!

      Sci-Step Housing Option Cost:

      Deposit $150.00
      Monthly Rent $1,500.00

      If needed, the team of trustworthy individuals at the complex will take out the trash for you, pick up your mail, water your plants, feed your pets, accept packages on your behalf and even pick up a gallon of milk or any other necessity on a trip out. They share Sci-Step's dedication and know how hard participants will be working during their program and want the focus to be on recovery and nothing else!!

      If you would like to contact a realtor to find other accommodation options, please let us know!
      The housing isn't on the premises, but close by. If you're not totally independent you'd need someone to stay with you and help you out. And I imagine you'd need your own transportation as well.
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        You can take a look at RIMM in Detroit, Michigan. Here is their website:
        It is located within Wayne State Univ. and they do have housing for people who decide to stay. It is a very reputable program. A couple of us went to the facility and trained the staff for an extensive period of time. It is a combination of Physical Therapy and Intensive Exercise, (post acute rehab). Hope this helps!


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          My big peeve is a roll in shower for my shower chair.
          "Some people say that, the longer you go the better it gets the more you get used to it, I'm actually finding the opposite is true."

          -Christopher Reeve on his Paralysis