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  • Weight training/exercise

    Not sure if this belongs here or in equipment... its kinda both.

    Ok so here's the deal... I'm trying to get to a gym to start weight training to build my feble muscles on my arms and strengthen what I do have on my back to keep everything else going. BUT I can not grip with my hands, so I can't hold those bars. I have strength in arms to use weights.

    I live in Australia. I found a while ago these really cool hook things... they velcro-ed attached around my wrist, then the wide hook fitted under my hand at pals - as if i was holding bar but hook was - it had a gripper under so the hook did not fly off when i pull the weight bar. They were great, but in all my moves I lost them, grr silly i know. Now these were given to me by a AB weight trainer, so they were not specialised for re-hab or the like.

    I can not find them anywhere, on net have looked under gym equipment, rehab, disabled, i'm going crazy! I know they or something similar are out there.

    So my question is, has anyone come across them? Or any suggestions where Imight look for the like?

    Cheers Pony

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    Try this site.


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      WOW, cool thanks... lemme see................ thanks so much for posting that i'll look round there, its close but not quite, hook bit is too thin like that it moves to much and arms get sorte fron trying to steady them.... cheers


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        I think this is what you are talking about
        Tetraplegic & Spinal Injury Site


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          Ah-ha yes yes that is they...... wooo hooooooooo thanks so much!!!!!