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    Well it looks like I'll be moving into an inpatient gait training program after I clear this latest uti.
    Since I’ve been hurt (Sept. 01) I’ve moved from C5-C7 INC ASIA A to a functional T4 ASIA C (as of today’s visit with the nuero),

    Right now I handbike everyday and stand for at least an hour. I'm wondering what can I do over the next couple of weeks to improve the outcome of the training in the way of additional exercises and,

    I’d like to hear from people that have been through gait training on what to expect and what sort of results they got.

    Thanks in advance…

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    Well, I spent time doing gait training at the University of Florida in 2004. What should you do beforehand? Not sure but make sure you are eating well and ready to get tired when you start training. Make sure you are as limber as possible and you have good range of motion in your hips, knees and ankles. Since you're standing regularly, that is good as you'll be used to being upright.

    I find it interesting that it is an inpatient program. How long and how often will you train?

    What you might get out of it is hard to predict. From what I saw, about 1/3 of people improved significantly, another 1/3 had modest to moderate improvement, and the last 1/3 had little improvement, though I think most of them still felt it worthwhile for the exercise they got. It is hard to say where you will fall in this .. are you able to walk any distance now? With or without bracing or other aids like a walker?

    I have posted info about my experience in Florida here:



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      She didn’t give me much detail, just mentioned locomat and stressed that it was an inpatient program. No details on length or anything of that sort,

      I thought it was a little odd but UAMS in Little Rock is running a couple of programs dealing with spasticity and this is one of them I believe,

      I can’t stand up but once I get myself up I can fire my legs and stay up for short periods. I’m in pretty good shape already but I’m going to add e-stim to my abdomen to try and help tone my belly up some…


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        I think the Lokomat would be great for you. I tried one once and found it to work remarkably well .. though I understand that people with a lot of spasticity can have trouble as it will shut itself off if it detects things are amiss.

        Yeah, then there's the belly ...


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          I have questions re botox injections. My daughter is C/6 incomplete, one year and a half post and has severe tone in her left leg, which has been a hinderance to her gait progress. She has progressed from forearm crutches to single pronged canes, but she still drags her left leg. We spent a week at KKI, where her Dr. recommended botox, but I am wondering what your experience with this has been? I trust her Dr. at KKI, but since we live in a different state, I am afraid to trust someone else. Please share your thoughts with me.



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            Water therapy is best gait training period!!

            best way to improve gait is get yourself in a lap pool. You can do so many exercises and walk with a better gait than on land. And best part if you fall down there is no way to hurt yourself. I have been using water therapy for 14 years not to pat myself on the back but i am probably one of the most independent strongest sci, on the planet. I am more than willing to explain my exercise program to anyone that cares to listen
            Take care and good luck
            John -7 incomplete walking quad post 14 yeaes