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    I agree Crybaby2025, you have days where you think why, why, why???? As this is something you can't give up on or give a half hearted attempted at doing, it's walking dammit!! It makes it much easier if you can bounce your feelings off, whether positive or negative, with people that have had the same or similar experience, as we've all shared those feelings & unless you've been through the same experience, you won't truly understand how it feels to loose your legs/arms etc.., your ability to walk, your ability to be normal, your ability to function and live your life, like we are all suppose too.

    It can be soul destroying, which is why what 05survivor says is so true ''the level of injury and type sustained all contirbute to the speed of recovery. In addition, the support group you have is such an important factor in recovery, as they give you moral, physical and emotional support.

    The level of injury you sustained plays a great factor, plus your PT is so important, I'm truly blessed that I have the most awesome PT ever, he is just great, and without him, I don't feel I would be as far as I am now. Plus your family support is cruical!!

    I feel that keeping yourself busy is important, I do lots of exercise, not over exercise, but I feel that when I'm sitting around doing nothing, I could be exercises, it will only benefit me in the long run no-one else. No-one is going to walk for me, so it's up to me to do it.

    My day consists of going to physio everyday from 8:30am until 11:30am Monday to Friday which consists of hydro-therapy & then 'land workout': cycling, walking, quad/trunk exercises etc...

    Then after lunch I either walk to the mall which is about 10 minutes walk away, if I don't feel like doing that, I go to the local pool and swim a few lengths, I have 1 really strong leg & another weak leg, which has a drop foot on it - so swimming is great, lots of cycling, swimming to the bottom of the pool and pushing to the surface with my quads etc.. then after supper/putting my son to bed etc.. I do a 1 hour work out in my bedroom, which consists of quads/buttocks/trunks then I have an exercise ball that my physio lives & dies by (pic attached) & so do I. My son and I play together with it, and you can do lots of things on it. Even if it's just sitting in your chair and pushing it with your feet, or if you are stronger & can stand, then throw it (it's light), if stronger kick it, if stronger roll on it back & forth etc..

    It's finding that niche, that helps you get through this very hard ordeal. Never measure your recovery agaisn't another, each one is different.

    We all have days where you think you can't continue - but guess what, you go to bed & you get up, and you have too! Expressing your feelings whether positive or negative is part of the healing process, I've had times at night where I've just cried & cried, but then the next day I go to PT and WOW I could bend more (I've got weak knees) or I can cycle on a higher resitence!

    Do things that keep you body & MIND active daily.

    I'm from South Africa & live in Kwa-Zulu Natal, so I'm blessed with glorious sunshine pretty much on a daily basis, and I love the African music, so I listen to alot of SA finest. I find music is great for helping you let go & forget, even if it's temporarily. I even try & dance, just for a laugh, my 3 yr old son thinks it's highly comical me trying to dance, as it's looks terrible at present, but at least we laugh, and that is something I find is a great healer!

    Never give up & like I say, if you have a bad day - so what! Tomorrow will be better.

    ''Laugh often, long & loud. Laugh until you gasp for breath.....and if you have a friend who makes you laugh, spend lots & lots of time with them.''