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    Some caution

    Brother in law who happens to be spinal surgeon said TENS below lesion is bad. Acupuncture also poses the same risk. It is not necessarily noxious stimulation below that causes AD. My daughter gave my TENS away to one of her patients who did not have SCI.

    This is also one of the problems with functional electrical stimulation.

    I had stopped using TENS for a while because of allergy. Asymmetrical waveform may produce DC component in electrolytic systems similar to earth return in electrical systems. The DC component will cause electrolysis and produce free radicals. My TENS was moded (not FDA approved) after I developed allergy with capacitors to block DC.

    A non biological example: Earth return in the Australian M.E.N. (TN-C-S) system causes electrolytic rectification (which is real) from SMPS waveforms and resulting DC rots out our earth electrodes and people now get electric shocks. (With wide spread deployment of RCDs (or ELCBs) migration to a TT system could avoid this problem.)


      Originally posted by zz View Post
      these guys sell 1200 mA units:


      and many more.
      The prices (really, the markup) on these units -- and comparable ones from their competitors -- is obscene. The technology and material costs that go into them is horse-and-buggy compared to an ordinary smartphone and yet priced many hundreds of dollars higher. I don't know where they're manufactured, but I suspect the labor costs are probably pennies. Also, the quality control, from the look of them anyway, is suspect too.


        Hey all I really need some help I have been looking for a chart or something that will tell me how to set up a TwinStim 4 channel Tens\EMS unit for muscle building.
        There is so much information out there on pad placement but what about all the other settings on the unit its self. I would like to start on my abs and need every settings that can be set set to what!?
        Help please anyone out there been where I am now? if so please HELP !!!