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  • Work out at home or gym ?

    Where does everyone work out ? at a gym home ? i'm doing PT but am considering joininf planet fitness to get some more workout to do something with my boyfriend and friends. Anyone had any experience with planet fitness ?

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    I'm not disciplined enough to work out at home....I'll be starting PT again the end of this month/beginning of next...YEAH.....

    re: planet fitness...they are who used to be World Gym...I don't know if it's new owners or just fancy new name/design...BUT it seems that they've taken over everywhere here that used to be World Gym....pre-injury I had a World Gym membership and actually used a personal trainer thru them for a while...I loved them, and actually USED my membership, it was great....Once I've got someone being a drill seargeant again, I MAY consider joining a gym again....I dunno...
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      I'll definately pay for a personal trainer for awhile I think when joining --I need someone to push me hard, seems like PT just doesn't push enough --they know I hate PT there so sometimes I feel like they just gave up on me getting any return. Don't get me wrong they love me --just sometimes I think we are more friends and not doing enough.


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        I work out at home but I feel like my program is lacking so I was thinking of joining a gym for a while to get some feedback/maybe a personal trainer. I thought this would also give me a chance to get out of the house for awhile. How hard is it to find a place that has equipment that people in wheelchairs can use?


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          I work out at home on one of these: I hit that at least 5 days a week for 35 minutes. The iPod is a necessity when doing that.

          I also lift at a gym when I can, but it's increasingly becoming harder to get in there because I'm finishing law school. I used to go three times a week, religiously, when I was finishing up undergrad and then during the first couple years of law school. So I'm looking to get a BowFlex VersaTrainer or one of these, possibly, so I can lift at home: Need to get some dumbbells at home, too.

          For me it's a little harder to workout at home, by myself. At the gym there are others/friends/etc. and that gets me more motivated.
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            Originally posted by Sh0rty
            How hard is it to find a place that has equipment that people in wheelchairs can use?
            It's not like I've been to tons of gyms, but I don't think it's so much finding equipment for wheelchairs as it is adapting to use equipment that everyone else uses. If you can transfer easily and have some determination, you can get on and off of many of the machines like everyone else or find ways of using the equipment to suit you. But that's me - I'd just soon use the equipment like everyone else and have people look at me and go, "Wow." Plus, people will usually fall over themselves to help you (which usually annoys the hell out of me), so take advantage of it.
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              Rock, your links seem to be broken!

              I usually do all my lifting at home, i have a bowflex, weight bentch, recumbant bike, and now i have knee pads to do exercises on the ground. I also do pool therapy 5 times a week before I work out.

              I agree with everyone when they say PT's don't push you. They all seem to hate their jobs and that really shows when they are working with you.

              They want people who are "low" mantinence meaning, they come in, and leave after a few weeks. WOrking out by myself and playing some loud angry music seems to work best for me and there is no time limit on the therapy.
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                Hmmmm. I am not a PT, actually a SCI Fitness Coordinator (Exercise Physiologist). I can see why some may get the impression that PTs do not push you hard enough. Like any healthcare professional, it is essential that the patient be very forward and direct. If it seems like they are more like a friend to you, even better! You will feel more comfortable telling them your workout goals and future endevours! As for gyms, just make sure that the equipment is fairly accesible (eg. larger seats for easier transfers, etc.)

                Feel free to comment.



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                  Originally posted by Sh0rty
                  I work out at home but I feel like my program is lacking so I was thinking of joining a gym for a while to get some feedback/maybe a personal trainer. I thought this would also give me a chance to get out of the house for awhile. How hard is it to find a place that has equipment that people in wheelchairs can use?
                  I know that the uppertone people were able to find one locally for me to try. As it turns out, the local YMCA had accessible equipment.



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                    Ive got a fairly decent gym set up at home.It took some time to discipline myself into sticking with a regement without being be driven and pushed like i might have been if iwere at a gym,but now its like my ''alone dont bother me time''


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                      I do both, in summer I try to be active outdoors (running, soccer, etc.), winter forces me in gym.


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                        Originally posted by mr_coffee
                        Rock, your links seem to be broken!
                        Damnit! Don't know what happened there, sorry guys. Instead of reposting bad links, you guys can Google these things if ya want: I use a Schwinn Windjammer stationary bike for cardio. Very sweet bike. I lift at a gym, but have been looking at the Apex Challenge Circuit 7000 or the Soloflex VersaTrainer for the home.
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                          Where did you order your equiptment Shaun? I'm not sure what the single one piece is called I want but you stay sitting in your chair and back into it and you do a push up kind of motion with it. I've seen a guy using one from here at CC on a video he posted. That would build my pecks up in no time.


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                            on being a gym rat

                            I did it for a couple years. I found myself constantly trying to get out of conversations with ladies interested in "getting to know me." They kept telling me I was a hero for fighting the injury and bla di bla. I kept trying to explain to them, I was just another adonis, who had to use the wheelchair. They thought I was sensitive or something.

                            The one thing you don't ever have to worry about in a gym is getting stuck. If you get a bar down on your chest and can't get it back up, there are 10 guys there to rescue you. There is a certain amount of comradery, and you'll find you get alot of respect from the other people in the gym.

                            If you can do it, and manage to not get picked up, it's a good scene Personally, I like to concentrate on my workouts these days...
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                              Hi All, you know, I'm finding getting out and hand biking or swimming or walking on elliptical trainer or using the schwinn airdyne at work at lunch, one of these everyday builds muscle, helps cardio and breathing. So, as far as lifting machines, might as well be moving and incorporating the whole body.

                              I'm continuing to get return and it's been 3yrs 4mo. and I'm c6,7,inc. Pat