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  • Fes Pad Placement

    Does anyone have a chart or some type of directions for fes pad placement to estim different muscles or do you just try to hit the major muscle head. Or is it trial and error, I know anatomy pretty well and was just wondering if there is such a chart..

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    Here is a link to an article that might help. If you can find someone to show you how to look for the motor points this would definitely help. Usually the highest point of innervations is proximal to the muscles origin. You need an e-stim unit and a point stimulator or you can have someone use their own finger. If you or someone uses their finger, they need to place an electrode in their palm and the other electrode distal on the muscle in question. The unit should be on AC and with low settings (pulse width 100-150micros, 40-50pps and low amplitude. As the finger moves over the motor point the stimulation becomes more intense. I would suggest finding someone (PT) that has experience with motor point stimulation. Most people will agree that the motor point moves distal with a neurological injury which can make it difficult to locate.
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      I know this is an old thread, but I saw this and didn't want to forget to update it in case others stumble upon it too.

      I use this estim placement document predominantly with good results:
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