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    Any suggestions for a vent dependent C2/C3 quad? The only time I've been "in" a pool was floating on a blow up raft. I have been in the whirpool a few times, but I don't have anyone to lift me.

    I've just started doing some PT for the first time this week, I'm 21 years post, and it felt wonderful. Anything else I could find would be great.
    C2/3 quad since February 20, 1985.


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      After I broke my neck, I drowned. If I had to pick one or the other, it would be drowning, nice and peaceful. My first time back in the water I had my therapist hold me under. Calm and quiet, no movement, I remembered what it was like before that day, and felt like I could jump right out of the pool. It gave me drive to try harder. So, F#*k it, jump in.

      Originally posted by Jeannette

      duH? Of course they're not going to tell you about the people they don't work for, what was he thinking? Is he going to tell you about the patients he wasn't able to help? ... right. anyway.

      Unfortunately before my injury I never learned how to swim - and now I'm just downright scared to. I learned how to snorkel, but without snorkeling gear, I couldn't do it, I couldn't stand the lack of being able to breathe. Any suggestions for me? I definately want to try the water therapy, I'm sure that with the results everyone else has, I'd have some good return as well.


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        it took me about an hour to let go of Boog. I was in a life jacket, but I was still terrified. It took me 3 weekends at the lake to let go. I think part of it had to do with rough waters. Flathead is known to be windy and a sailor's paradise. I did get brave and take the life jacket off and try to swim a bit. After I got out of the water, my legs spasmed like crazy -- my toes even pulled sideways. very strange looking!


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          Originally posted by ChopperChick
          Cory, the book actually gives land and pool exercises and also a schedule should you shoose to follow it. There are also a couple of small success stories. It also talks about nutrition, meditation. Buy it Cory, someone like you would get full use of it.

          Dennis, I am glad I suggested it!! Mike has just started getting into the pool and I just bought a streans life jacket and boogie board.. Cory, do you have to have a real strong core to be in alone? I don't mean totally alone but, Mike just kinda bobs forward and backward and I have to basically hold him. His core is getting there but not 100%. He likes to practice balance by sitting on the edge of our mat table and eating.

          Dan, dumb question, but it Easter Seals free? Don;t they offer PT too?
          ChopperChick, Easter Seals charges either $14 per visit or anywhere between $45 to $75 per month depending on whether you're just doing independent or if you're going to their water aerobics classes. You can call them 408-295-0228 for more information I think that's the #.