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Home-Based Program at Project Walk?

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    Home-Based Program at Project Walk?

    I'd like to hear from anyone who attended Home-Based Program at Project Walk.

    How was your experience? Was it worth the expense?
    Did the exercises you learned led to functional improvement/recovery?

    I'm considering going for a week, but I'm not sure I can justify the
    expanse(fee, airfare, lodging, car rental, etc)
    Plus, I already have an extensive weekly workout schedule that covers
    most of the benefits listed on PW website (maintaining bone density,
    muscle mass, well-being, etc ).

    My current workouts include:
    - traditional PT ( FES bike, ambulating w/KFEO, AutoAmbulator),
    - endurance training( swimming laps and hand-cycling)
    - alternative medicine (acupuncture)
    - strength training ( weights and nautilus machines)
    - and lastly a set of stretch and weight-bearing exercises borrowed
    from Tai-Chi, Yoga and... PW videos


    I can't answer your question about the PW Home Program, although I also considered it until I found out that Sci-Step is in my backyard. But you mentioned doing a set of stretch and weight bearing exercises borrowed from tai-chi. I'm wondering if you are at all familiar with Danny Dreyer's "Chi Running" and his newer book, "Chi Walking"? Have you read either of the boks or are you familiar with the principles? I've heard so many good things about Chi Running, that when the walking book came out I wanted to read it and see if there was anything there that would help with recovery. The principles look sound, but I haven't read enough yet to try them out.




      I saw you do acupuncture, how many times a week do you attend acupuncture and for how long? Have you found any improvements? Also do you pay for it out of your pocket or is it covered by insurance? Thanks.
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        My son is currently at Project Walk. When it is time for us to go home, we will be doing the home program. There are a few differences that keep us at Project Walk: They do a lot of work with the parts of the body that do not move. They do not believe in FES and the trainers work the muscles in the legs by moving them themselves and pushing against spasms/muscle contractions. My sons legs look as strong as they did before his accident.

        The trainers work harder with clients than any group of professionals we have worked with. They are so encouraging and passionate about what they do. There is not much rest time between exercises; the trainers just pick you up (two person lift) and move you to the next piece of equipment. They pack a lot of workout in three hours.

        There is a thread below "New Website for Project Walk" and there are two comments from people in the Train your Trainer program.

        I would encourage you to check it out. I think you will be impressed. We love it.


          Have been a Home Based client for 1.5 yrs.

          My daughter is a homed based client at PW. And we go back each summer for a 9 week stint.

          I agree with the fluchtd, being at PW itself is second to none. The trainers are different in that it's not just about doing exercises and working on machines, it's much deeper than that. The trainers are VERY educated in the nervous system and muscle structure, they simply KNOW what kind of response they're looking for and how to trigger it. They're very good at isolating muscles they're trying to reach, with the goal being to make the weak ones strong.

          Being at home means you've got to be disciplined in using the material they give you. And it means finding a good trainer willing to incorporate their material.

          The week would be good for you, both physically and mentally. You should learn a great deal while there.



            What kind of equipment do you need at home to follow the PW home-based program?


              They will recommend the equipment as part of the PW program. From what I understand, likely a TotalGym (not the ones that you see on TV but the gym-grade variety).


                Originally posted by ChopperChick
                What kind of equipment do you need at home to follow the PW home-based program?
                Surprisingly, not much.
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                  Max, one of the trainers who used to work at PW moved to Orlando. She has come over to Tampa twice and worked with me and a trainer at the Y. I can't agree more with what's been said below - she knows more about SCI and exercises that will help you improve than any trainer I've worked with. I don't see much functional improvement but my core strength and posture have improved dramatically. I know it will take time for these improvements to help me with walking.

                  The only thing I'd disagree with what's been said below is the equipment that's necessary. I'm sure that I could have learned exercises to do around the house but I use a lot of equipment (weight machines, balance balls, etc) at the Y for the exercises that I was taught. I'm sure from your workout schedule that you'll have access to this type of equipment. Mike
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                    fluchtd & rickhemi - thanks for your comments and pointing out the two positive posts on 'Train-Your-Trainer' Program buried in that unfocused thread.
                    I will most likely contact PW next week to discuss my options.

                    However, I still would like to hear from people who participated in Home-Based Program.
                    I'm aware of the strength and well-being benefits of the program, but again I'm interested in functional improvements directly attributed to
                    the program.

                    Mr.Coffee - check your acupuncture thread for my reply.

                    MikeC - please see my private message.


                      I'm also interested in finding out what functional improvements people have attained through PW. Specifically, has anyone with *no* muscle control in the legs been able to walk in any form?