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What can help improve recovery in a walking quad?

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    Spinal cord stimulation is being offered clinically at UCSD as well



      You should try using FES and riding an FES bike. You can place the leads on your quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes or tibia if you have any issues with foot drop on the left side. Have you tried doing an exercise program? It sounds like you have a lot of function so could do a lot on your own at home or at a local gym? Doing an single leg exercises would really help isolate that left side and increase strength- you could do single leg bridges, leg extensions, leg presses, etc. For your hand you could try some hand exercises like grasp and release, working a ball of clay, or touching your thumb up to each of your fingers. A lot of the hand exercises may seem simple but if you them do them consistently they may help to get results.

      Hope some of this helps!


        Wow. This is an old thread and apparently I missed a response directed at me over a year ago. I don't frequent the site much anymore but I thought I'd take a minute to update things as they pertain to this topic. When I responded back in '06 I was 5 years post and concerned I had reached a plateau. Not so. I've made much progress, especially over the last 4 years.

        The thing that has changed the most is my own activity. In '06 I was struggling with the fact that I would never be the same athlete I was pre-injury. That probably still holds true but I became a "different" kind of athlete focusing on the things I can do. I learned through trial and error what that was but honestly there isn't much I can't do. Today I focus on more endurance type of sports and activities. I am an active cyclist and worked my way into the "A' group of my club. That means I'm pretty fast I hike regularly and have accomplished some of the toughest hikes in the country like Half Dome in Yosemite and Angels Landing in Zion. These are dangerous hikes which required me to overcome the deficits I do have (left hand primarily). Look them up. Pretty intense with one good hand. I still weight train 3-4 days a week in addition to the other activities so I'm busy! With that effort has come results. I'm about 25 lbs lighter that I was at the time of injury but I'm in the best cardio condition of my life.

        So in reference to the title of the topic, I've found the thing that has helped my recovery the most is my own participation in my recovery. It's hard to notice day to day but man is it obvious to me look back some 7 years later. Good luck to all!