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25 yrs post accident

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    25 yrs post accident

    I haven't asked any questions on line before even though I have read many questions and answers on this site. I have appreciated your input.
    I am 25 yrs post accident (T4-T6) - with Brown Sequard Syndrome. I walk with quad based fore-arm crutches with a flex base to help with control.
    I have been having increasing problems with muscle spasms and tone in the legs. I have had 2 baclofen pumps without much success.
    I wonder if anyone has some similar issues and has experienced success to help reduce the spasms and tone. I realize that I need some of the tone in order to walk, yet the muscles are getting tighter and clonis is increasing.

    I would also be interested in talking with others who have been 25 yrs or longer post accident with SCI.
    Any help from your experiences would be appreciated.