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    Hello, folks.
    I'm finally going to quick lurking and just stick my neck out: I'm embarrassed to confess that my biggest obstacle to recovery is getting myself out of my chair and starting to DO it. I can walk w/ crutches, but have lost functions from S-2 down, having had en block resection for sacral chordoma. I can't stand up straight for long, have colostomy w/ parastomal hernia that I'm going to order an abdominal binder for. I've had outpatient PT (after initial inpatient and residential- was in nursing home for a month) but due to weak will, don't follow through with assigned exercises. I know I can only improve with diligent, long-term therapy. I guess I've come here to get my butt kicked from time to time just to get me moving. I apologize to those of you with greater injuries than mine, will do what I can to encourage you, if at all.


      Hi Jacovo,
      I think that you will get stronger and gain abilities if you work at it. I am almost three years post SCI, and I am still making gains. If you want inspiration try this thread: /forum/showthread.php?t=112080. Good luck.
      C1/C2 walking quad, SCI from 4/2010


        Dr. Wise,
        I am looking for studies on recovery factors. What do folks like me who have recovered substantially after being told we would likely never walk again. I am looking for not just exercise factors but psychological, occupationally, sociologically as well. What factors other than we exercised do we have in common? I am truly interested in this and have looked and not found to much in this area. Can you point me toward something. I am actually considering writing a book on this subject of outside factors when it comes to recovery. Something that might help me understand why me?

        To others who are new. Feel free to PM me for rehab or recreational advice. I have spent the last 23 months researching techniques and using myself as a guinea pig. Thank you Dr. Wise for providing this website and forum. It has been hugely beneficial to me.


          Hello Everyone,

          First of all it's really exciting to read about so many of you who have made so much progress in your recovery. Congratulations and keep up the hard work! I'm a trainer at SCI-FIT located in Pleasanton, CA and we now have a new location in Sacramento, CA as well. SCI-FIT (Spinal Cord Injury Functional Integrated Therapy) has a mission to provide the most comprehensive, post-traditional, exercise based therapy for those individuals who have suffered a debilitating injury. SCI-FIT maximizes the potential for each individual suffering from spinal cord injuries and other neurological disorders by utilizing strategic exercises and providing the proper stimulation for an optimal functional outcome.

          From reading a lot of your posts I thought some of you may be interested in our facility or seeing some of the progress our clients have achieved. Here is the link to our youtube account-

          We have videos of clients performing functional exercises (exercises that help to increase strength and correlate to everyday needs), gait training, client spotlights, and the utilization of FES. Hopefully even if you aren't in the area seeing some of these videos can help give you ideas for exercises you could do on your own or motivation for your own recovery!

          You can also get more information about us and exercise based therapy from our website

          Keep up the hard work everyone!
          "There are no limitations, only possibilities."


            Seeing everyone's progress is awesome! And so encouraging for those suffering from spinal chord injuries. I will be sharing this thread with my patients.


              Originally posted by Texas PTA View Post
              Seeing everyone's progress is awesome! And so encouraging for those suffering from spinal chord injuries. I will be sharing this thread with my patients.
              If you are working with people with SCI, you probably should be spelling "spinal CORD" correctly....

              The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


                Dear MFlounlacker,
                Need advise on excercise routine to walk again.
                SCI T3-T7 with 14 screws in spinal cord after 2 years now doing excercises seriously. Walking with elbow crutches, walking frame, crawling, standing on my knees, standing holding a bar etc.
                What more?

                Thanks and regards,
                Ken Chong
                Whatsapp +6 012 2201728
                Kuala Lumpur,Malaysia


                  i have been working with this facility down in s. Florida for a little while now. Going in on a daily basis, I have seen individuals with all different types of spinal cord injuries have some strong form of recovery through strength training. The facility uses exercise-based protocols in a comprehensive program with some of the best equipment that I've seen to date. Needless to say, I have seen certain spinal cord injuries able to feed themselves and brush teir teeth for the 1st time because of strength training. Other spinal cord injuries have been able to leave their wheelchair behind and walk out of the progam and become community ambulators again.
                  As told to me as a C5 level quad, there are no guarantees to full recovery in regards to exercise-based strength training for my spinal cord injury. What was told to me was if I was able to push myself mentally, they would assist me through the comprehensive program and work aggresively to bring me to my peak physical condition so that Ican live a more independent and functional lifestyle. Because of them, I am now able to drive again, have better cardio conditioning and most importantly live independently. I also have great voluntary movement below my level of injury with certain muscles that I did not have prior to attending. In regards to spinal cord injury recovery, I would suggest looking at Center for Neuro Recovery.


                  It really is an amazing place. I like the environment too.


                    lost 20 lbs and doing more movement counts for something


                      For me, dealing with scoliosis, I used to exercise a lot, with weights, in my 20s. From what I now think of as a lack of body alignment, the weights started causing more pain than good, so I stopped. I then switched to Yoga, which was nice for exercise but didn't properly address internal alignment issues in a way I was able to practice, due to scoliosis. I then began practicing specific breathing techniques which I used to strengthen the core of my body - and to increase sensation around the curvatures causing trouble. This has helped more than anything else, although it sometimes is painful while practicing. I'm curious if anyone else has worked with breathing techniques primarily?