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    you can buy these items of exercise equipment, relatively cheaply on ebay. it looks like a great way to exercise your legs, probably with help. you simply slide up and down on your back. does anyone know if you need to adapt them atall for 'disabled' use, obviously they are designed for a/b use. i have a c5/6 quad injury and was wondering what i'd need to do to it in order to use it effectively if i purchased one for use at home?? - thanks.

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    terence, are you referring to any particular home gym or piece of equipment? I'm not exactly sure what you mean.


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      go to to see what i'm referring to. type total-gym in ebay to pick up a bargain, if you can use one that is??


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        We purchased a total gym about 4 years ago. Sally uses it 2-3 times a week, more if she is unable to swim as usual. She can't do all the exercises on it (it comes with an exercise video), but she can do the "knee bend" type. We have to raise the lower part of it to transfer her over. We do this by sliding a garden stool (a sturdy box would also work) under so that the gym is level, then doing a stand pivot type of transfer. After she is situated we lift up the gym to remove the stool. We recently bought the foot plate accessory for it and that has made a big difference. Her feet can be positioned in many different ways more easily. I don't know what kind of injury you have or if you have people who can help you to use a total gym, but, for the cost involved, it is probably worth trying.



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          I have the total gym 2600 which I use for the knee bends .
          I reccomend going for the optional oversized base plate.


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            Check out the videos on our website of our clients using the Total might be able to get some more ideas..


            Eric Harness, CSCS
            Neuro Ex, Inc
            Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery