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    so you want to use your manual to tow the hc.... it would be better to hook the tongue on the front of thr handcycle and the hitch on the back of the wc then, that way you just drive straight past the van and your hc is ready with little to no maneuvering.
    The quick and simple thing would be have a pin you could pull on a string/rope, by arm of your chair to release the hc. and a way of holding it in place til u get back to transfer. Like a small floormat with 2 strips of wood or something light to act as chocks for a wheel and a 'locater' for parking placement.
    Let's get the thinking caps on,lol and make this simple and PERFECTLY reliable.


      do you have a trainer to hook your hc up to for the winter so you can keep in shape? I got a really good one from greenfish sports, much cheaper than everyone else sells it for. And they give you a real good workout if you go up on the resistance. This one has 7 levels, a mag trainer., Was jess than 125 shipped, others want 185 for it or more.


        No I don't have an indoor trainner. I have seen one that a guy made out of PVC pipe. I have to wait until I'm out of school for that, I can barely fit my bike in my dorm room.
        The trick is in what one emphasizes. We either make ourselves miserable or we make ourselves strong. The amount of work is the same. ~ Don Juan Matus
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          Awsome pics capn!

          I have to make a bike a bike a priority this spring,you guys are havin to much fun..


            towbar thoughts...

            Yepper Shaun, you gotta get one, you'll love it. Fun and healthy, combined with the ability to just get outside and go....I carry my camera w/me everywhere I go, photog nut, another in my looong list of pleasures/hobbies

            Aly, I've been thinking about the tow...
            what about a couple of "hooks" that fit around the front of your footrests and come to a "V" in front of the wheel
            0>---h like that use a rope (you can slide a pipe or any tube over the rope to make a solid 'bar') hooked to your wc that you can hook to a permanent loop on back of your chair(down low preferrably) so it doesn't tip ya when you pull a temp setup for now anyway. You gotta realize that the hc is a PAIN to try to get to go in any direction but straight unless you are actively steering it, you'll more or less be dragging the front sideways, which is pretty easy on solid surfaces tho

            It's gonna be 70 today so I'm heading out to ride now while it's warm!!
            almost 1 pm here now