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    I ran into a guy today who had a low T spinal cord injury. He got KAFO's and forced himself to use them daily as many places as possible. He is walking without any assistance years later...makes me wonder, they might be better for the body than everyone things. It sure does make me want to get into my leg braces more.


      sit still stand tall

      Originally posted by nevada View Post
      Sorry about replying via private topics. I attended the program for six months I have good and bad comments on program and I did not want to discourage anyone by my negative comments. The program is in Provo Utah. It is operated by one person in a small gym attached to his house. Most of those walking with canes and full leg braces while I was there were mid level paras T 5 on down. There is a web site for the program the URL is If you want to know more let me know and I will send you the information that I have to the others in the private topic.


      I would love to no more about the program good and bad, I have been asked to go. I am thinking about it if its good. Money is not easy to come by in my world so i need to make the right decision


        Does anyone know if the Sit Tall Stand Tall program still operates? Or another one similar? I would very much like to attend.


          The website still up so that a plus.As to wheather or not the program still running I can't answer that


            I know a quad C8-T1 who went to fancy dress as a walker. His AB GF had the chair. Had to give up after the first fall. Falls are bad, broken bones are bad, walking on broken bones is bad. I'm incomplete para and walk with in limits if I can see my feet. That way I don't have falls.


              When I attened the program 9 years ago the owner was in the process of moving the operation to San Diego CA. Just for fun about a month ago I googled the name and went to the website but the information on it was like three years old so I don't know if it is still in operation or not. I also just checked Anywho and it appears that the owner is still in Provo Utah. His name is Leighton Weber if you want to get his phone number to see if he is still running the program.

              Wish you the best of luck if it is still in operation, your going to need it