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    Walker Institute

    I was there in '88. I was the best thing that ever happened to me! I was seventeen and thrown in with a bunch of older quads and paras that pushed me hard. I knew Steve Ferguson who went there and has been on Howard Stern a few times. Having grown up in rural Texas it opened my eyes to how far a quad could go. I always ate at Mort's deli because Stuart the owner's son used to pal around with Jerry a para in admin. I got really bad vibes from Judith Walker also, but the staff was great. I can remember the PTs Sylvia, Parul, and Kip. When I left I got a physical therapist, Mary Elmore, to move to Texas and continue the routine a my house. I don't know if it was my age or injury, but when I left after six months I was ten times stronger and had gained a lot of function. The laser was BS!
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      what a loser she was and her clinic
      Type in Judith walker in any search engine: a FRAUD!!!!
      here'e one

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        Originally posted by KOBINGA View Post
        Hi felieh I was at walker in 91 took part in that GM-1 study.. Had some great times Dr Walker was more like a Mad Scientist LOL...

        i was ther en 92 im from mexico when i was ther i use 2 can y a tray to learn to walk whit one can.
        yo estuve en el año 92 cminaba con 2 bastones y mi objetivo era caminar con 1 y lo logre habia mucha gente que nos ayudaba, y quisiera encontrar alguin de ahi para estar en contacto, yo vivia en santa monica, y si yo pagaba mucho mensual por que no tenia seguro. estuve 5 meses. si alguin se acuerda de mi, pongase en contacto conmigo para saludarnos EMILIO BUENO


          Just saw this post after typing in Walker Institute in a search engine. I was there for 6 months in 1990. I gained a lot of strength and will from being there. I went about 6 months after my wreck rendering me a quad.


            I was the Director of the Walker Institute from the fall of 1989 until may of 1992. I'm hearing all kinds of rumors about what happened and why they closed. I came across this proceeding which pretty much lays it out. I could give you chapter and verse , but this is probably sufficient. I was on a business trip to North Carolina in May and when I got back I was locked out of my office and told the Clinic had been sold and my services no longer required. That of course was a lie. They just didn't want to pay me what they owed me which was a substantial amount. Truth of the matter is that all three of the persons mentioned in this suit were steeling money. Dr Walker Her Husband AND the accountant bookkeeper. They were all embezzeling money and this suit by Walker against her husband is the pot calling the kettle black.


              Wow, that seems like quite a story.

              On this thread, everyone that went there seems happy with their stay there (had fun) but no one saw lasting improvement. If they gained something, they later lost it.

              It unfortunately reminds me of my story. 5 months post-injury, I found this doctor who is in Baku, Azerbaijan and after research I decided to go there to try his therapy for 3 months.

              Upon my arrival at the airport, he said "everything will be alright". I have to say i never really believed him but as you know in SCI you have no other hope than PT and people like him take advantage of that. And compared to other clinics in Europe, his was the cheapest, $20, 000. That excluded food and I brought my grandmother to take care of me as well.

              For most of the time I was the only patient there (which was better for me honestly). He took all kind of cases that were not for him and he knew it, like a boy who had a rare degenerative disease of motorneurons and he also had promised his parents "everything will be alright". After he took from them several thousand dollars, he said it was worse than expected and he will not be able to help them (yeah right)

              Having said that, I could see he has some experience with SCI rehab (he had similar clinics before in Greece and Cyprus, also worked and teached in the US) and I started seeing some small improvements at the end of the 1st three months so I decided to extend it for another 3.

              Then it turned out he did not pay his rent and utilities and the owners tired to kick us out 3 days before xmas He took almost all my money and paid it to the Greek fisc because they threatened to put him in jail for unpaid taxes in his previous clinic. I did solve the problem by paying some of the money directly to the owners.

              For taking care of me, he increasingly relied on a very nice girl which he hired for 500 bucks a month she was working 7 hours a day for 6 days a week (thats how they do it there) and she did 90% of the work (we had something going on with her, which I know is not recommended . She was unqualified but learned quickly and the "doctor" spent most of his day not doing anything, collecting the money.

              After 6 months and 1200 hours of intense physical rehab, I was able to walk some with a walker and KAFO's (which of course was very far from what he promised me) and given the condition in which I came there, that was a success.

              He always claimed that I did not work hard enough so that's why my results werent better but after a research I found out I had better results than most of his previous patients. Most of them regressed after leaving and none of them are walkers to my knowledge. After I left, he was thrown out of the clinic and I don't know what happened to him. He's a real crook thou. His name is Aggelos, but also goes by the name of Astasidis. He's Greek, born in Baku from Georgian parents and lived and studied in Russia.]

              I've kept training after I came back home for the last 6 months on parallel bars and so for still improving, walking around 150 foot on walker with AFO but I make myself no illusions that "everything will be fine"

              Crooks like the SCI sphere, they can take advantage of desperate people


                All that and more...lots of illegalities...reads like a mystery novel...


                  Oh my gosh, Peter Benton! Can't believe it! Sent you a PM. I too worked there for a year and it was one of my favorite jobs ever because of the heart and spirit of the staff and patients. Never felt I was contributing so much and all I was, was a lowly administrative assistant. The owner was a nutjob. Oh, the accountant, I see you answered one of my questions in your post above. I'd love to know what happened to Joaquin as well, don't remember his last name but he was inspiring, as was Ted Dansen who came to see the boys playing basketball in their wheelchairs. This is such a trip, because YOU were someone it was a pleasure to know there, Peter.


                    Drug charges, that's rich! Heard she was shtupping a therapist....sounds like a soap opera! But if you read on, it was fraud and embezzlement. The rest is probable hearsay.


                      Originally posted by Emkatster View Post
                      Oh my gosh, Peter Benton! Can't believe it! Sent you a PM.
                      Unlikely you will get a response. That person has not visited our site since 2012.

                      The SCI-Nurses are advanced practice nurses specializing in SCI/D care. They are available to answer questions, provide education, and make suggestions which you should always discuss with your physician/primary health care provider before implementing. Medical diagnosis is not provided, nor do the SCI-Nurses provide nursing or medical care through their responses on the CareCure forums.


                        Originally posted by SCI-Nurse View Post
                        Unlikely you will get a response. That person has not visited our site since 2012.

                        Thanks admin. Hope he is still alive, as he was 73 at the time. I didn't remember his name until now. But I've found if you wait too long to contact someone, they may no longer walk the earth. He was a great guy.