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A friend of ours.

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    A friend of ours.

    I felt compelled to login so I could share a little about Brandon.

    Through persistent invitations by a friend I drove to north Phoenix fairly often to workout at a P.T. clinic. Brandon worked there as a tech/assistant, and this is where we met. He loved to compete. He enjoyed his job, and spent most of his time there working with people who have spinal cord injuries. On occasion he worked with me. Always good natured and motivated he was invaluable in his work and
    as a friend.

    Brandon was right in the middle of the fight with the rest of us in this struggle to heal our bodies. Unhurt, young and healthy, he was dedicated to helping, open to learning, and played an important role in the ongoing process in the spinal cord rehabilitation of those
    he worked with.

    Rehabilitation is still a big part of Brandon's life in the saddest of circumstances. He relies on other's for his needs since his injury. I see him often. Even though he is having a tough time and a lifetime of rehablitation ahead of him, he is still an inspiration to me. His strength and desire to live in spite of several serious setbacks has pulled him through to many times to mention. He works with determination everyday regaining what he can little by little. He has great support from his family and his friends.

    Brandon worked helping people tragically injured. Many of his difficulties are similar to our own. I think he deserves a place here where we can follow and possibly learn from his progress. He was always there for us.



    Quite ironic to say the least.
    To go from working with sci people, to being one.
    As ironic as C.R'S last movie before his injury.
    It is called Beyond/Above the law. He plays the role of a cop who becomes paralysed from a gun shot.



      I hate it when bad things happen to good people. I'll pray for him.
      Does This Wheelchair Make My Ass Look Fat?


        Thanks John

        You caught us all by surprise with this post. I know at times this Forum can get "spirited" to say the least! I know that I have been been going crazy with the opening of Neuro Institute. I have encouraged those coming to only give honest apprasials of what they see. But when I observed Brandons Mom, my wife brought to tears by your post I felt compelled to respond. This has become much more than a debate in our family and hopefully we can all somehow pull together to find answers. Again, thanks John for all your support.

        God Bless



          That was a wonderful post, I know how it is to see someone you hold dear become injured. I see the progress of Brandon on a daily basis, and he is doing great, I am so proud of him. Arnie and the rest of the Neuro Institute staff is doing a great job, so keep on truck'n Brandon!!!

          "my jungle love ohh ehh ohh ehh ohh"
          "my jungle love ohh ehh ohh ehh ohh"