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  • Gait Trainer Recommendation

    I am looking at the ez-walker and the easy stand 6000 for gait training. Could someone make a recommendation on a product you have and/or used that works well and is affordable? I'm looking for something I can transfer onto without the use of a lift and harness. I intend to combine gait training, physical therapy and 4-AP in search of my cure.

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    EZ Walker/Gait Training

    I would also be interested in this machine. Let me know.


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      I used one in PT that would score you on your gait, but I can't remember the name of it. It was leased and when I was through with PT it had been returned. It was good too, you would have to step in the boxes on the screen, with accuracy. Too bad,I had gotten pretty good on it too. This was definitly a help, 4-AP, I have been taking it, can't say anything bad about it, I'm doing better all the time, it might have something to do with it, it definitly helps the neuro eye problem I inherited from the accident, when my eyes get screwy it must be time for another one. Strange things happen in the land of AL, I'll try to find out, maybe Biodex?


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        Yup,,,,Biodex Gait trainer 2, I'm glad my brain still works, it ain't easy being me...