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    Just found out there is a Healthsouth facility 5 blocks away from where I live. What can they do for me? I am a T-6 paraplegic. I read somewhere that Healthsouth hopes to have all facilities equiped with Autoambulator by August of next year. Can this device help me? What other programs do they have to help people in my situation? Do they have FES equipment such as a FES bike? I live in Pasadena, CA, is anyone familiar with the Healthsouth facility here? Thanks for any help you can offer me.


    Are you incomplete? If you have preserved motor function then there is evidence that gait training can help increase your function and endurance. L2 stimulation recruits more muscle groups and help activate nerve pathways. The jury is still out on how much it will help "complete" injuries. CR was considered complete but yet is obviously now regaining motor and sensory function. How much this is due to his exercise regimen, in full or in part, is probably not known.

    There are many great benefits to exercise for complete injuries in the health category. Muscle bulk, bone density, cardiovascular, preventing pressure sores, sense of well being and psychological. Hopefully, we'll all gain greater access to exercise. After a cure therapy like an OEG transplant, exercise like this will be crucial.

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      Teion, why not go to the Healthsouth website and contact them directly. Or go to and look for their local number.

      Yes, I believe that the Autoambulator could be beneficial for you.

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        Just to let you know, I tried Chris's suggestion (emailing HealthSouth from their website). Didn't work. Anyway, their corporate headquarters is in Birmingham, AL and their rehab facility there is Lakeshore. I understand that they are doing FDA testing there. Maybe they can give you more info. Good luck.




          We attended Lakeshore Facility this summer. They are now testing the autoambulator on stroke patients only. In January they will start back on SCI patients. They hope to start placing their machines in other facilites next summer. It will take a while to train people on the use and maintaintence of this complex machine.
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