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Your Own Recovery Program

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    Bumping this up by request.


      Another therapy to explore is

      Aqua based.


        Great topic! I'm a quad with limited movement in legs and arms - enough to give me hope, but not very functional at the moment (16 months post injury). My insurance only allows 60 days of outpatient therapy per year, so I knew that I would have to come up with my own program.

        My wife assists me with many exercises in my wheelchair and in bed. We also have several pieces of equipment to help us out. Our insurance paid for a LiteGait which I use with a treadmill we already owned. I purchased a refurbished Schwinn Johnny G. spinning bike, removed the seat, and installed my road bike pedals. This way, I can transfer to a chair behind the bike and use biking shoes to hold my feet in place. I also purchased a hand cycle to work my arms.

        My wife recently found a Smith 3000 multipurpose gym on sale for $300. I use this for various strength training exercises, many of which I can access from my wheelchair.

        We just recently found a pool that has a lift. It's about a half hour away, but we are going to try to get there about twice a week.

        So, I guess I've got enough to keep me busy every day! Some days are a challenge because I get physically tired, but I just try to take it easy on those days. It would be nice to go to a structured program like Project Walk, but that's just not possible.

        I have benefited from all this work by having increased strength and better health. I can stand on my own for longer and longer periods of time. Transfers are a lot easier. If any of you would like to see some pictures, check out my web site:


          Twenty years post injury in have tried to keep myself in shape using various means. My impetus for getting on this site was primarily in search of finding a good workout, that took into consideration nutrition, weight lifting, and FES.

          I am happy to report that last week I started at the Nuero Institute in Tempe, AZ. Man I ached like I haven't since two-a-days in high school football. It feels GREAT!!!! I'm riding the FES Bike, getting stimmed on the box for abs and paraspinals, and lifting. Arnie is now working on helping me put together a good diet to compliment my training.

          The next step is getting on the gait trainer.

          BTW: I still swim and work out on my Schwinn Aerodyne hand bike at home for cardio.

          After only one week I already feel better and have more energy
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            how are you supposed to try to walk if harnessed on a treadmill? i'm thinking of buying a harness and treadmill but i don't understand how it works. i have some leg movement but not enough.



              You will need to have a physical therapist move your feet for you as you concentrate on moving them with your therapist. The theory is that the repetition will aid your lower cord to remember how to walk.

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                Where you get the harness for the gait training? I have the rest. You can contact me at Julie Z


                  I like the one listed below. It has to be a little tight around your stomach but it works for me.

         - confined space harness - medium - 10810 - $158.15

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                    which guldman lift would you recommend?


                      Bumping this up for newer members checking out the Exercise forum.


                        bump for skier and jim.


                          Nobody is responding, except you talking to yourself. I say you move this to the private topics forum. The manipulation of these threads does not lend itself to the sharing of information. So Phebus/Chris look up the word moderator, then let this one go.


                            I was injured in July of 1987 and I think that I started to learn how to walk again in January of 1989. I am an incomplete injury and I started to visit one of the local sporting good stores. My first purchase was a stationary bicycle. A few months later I ordered a BX1000 EMS machine from a company called Bloomex, which is now located in New Jersey. Shortly after I arrived home from the hospital, I decided that I would get down on the floor and try to start crawling; thinking that this is how babies begin and perhaps I could retrain my nerves in a similar sort of way. I also purchased a Universal Gym and I strengthened my upper body as best I could by doing sit-ups, lat pull-downs and butterflies. When I first started walking I had my AFOs on and my walker with arm troughs, along with a PT belt. In the beginning it would take me about an hour to go 45 feet and I would start at the left corner of the parking lot and end up at the right corner of the parking lot. Working out 6 hours everyday I was eventually able to cover the 45 feet in about 2 minutes and this took about three or four months.
                            I always had to look down at my feet because I did not know where they were, but that changed about a year and a half later. Now I no longer need to look at my feet when I walk and I have a better sense of where they are than I did before. However, if I was lying down I know I would still have a difficult time knowing exactly where my legs and feet were, unless I was looking right at them.

                            By the way, I can no longer do 6 hours of rehab everyday and I have had to cut back to about two and a half hours. I reached a plateau a long time ago.

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                              I wonder if an elliptical trainer would work better than a treadmill. The movement is more "normal," less wobbly, and helpers can't place your feet so randomly.

                              You can attach shoes to the foot pedals to eliminate the need for someone to place your feet. Of course, if you fall sideways you'd break an ankle. Guess I should think about that a little more. [img]/forum/images/smilies/smile.gif[/img]

                              Has anyone tried using a support harness and an elliptical trainer?


                                Meeker, thanks for the input. Love you too..

                                rtr, I have an elliptical/harness setup currently so there is no need for a therapist once I'm in position. The walking/gaiting pattern is very close to normal. My feet are held in via snowboard bindings and I'm hoisted by a Guldman lift. Lower myself, hit the button and we're stepping/walking.

                                Let me know if you have any questions.

                                Good luck.