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    And as far as the "big bucks" are concerned, I agree...6-figures is nothing. I'd hand over everything I have in exchange for my life back.

    Good luck w/everything

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      Yes, as a T4 or really any injury PW can try to help you. In fact as I think about it about half the clients at PW were/are paras and the other half quads.

      Additionally, I would guess that most of us who were diagnosed as 'complete' and that are now 'incomplete' have either gotten improvement naturally or through exercise (my case).

      My experience at PW was that every client I met was diagnosed 'complete' and is now 'incomplete'.

      Go for it!

      Onward and Upward!



        Originally posted by JLB:

        Keep kickin SCI's ASS Snowman!

        peace, jim

        you work forp

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        you work for pj walk. [img]/forum/images/smilies/tongue.gif[/img]


          Website and more...

          Has Project Walk's web site been down? I have not been able to get into it for some time. I think project walk would work better for people who do not live in the area if there was an organized bording & transportation arangement i.e. arranged room mates, etc. I agree that that the cost for the therapy is worth the quality of therapy you get; however, Carlesbad is a high rent district...meaning for the most of us, the other members of the family need to stay in their home town to work and pay for the therapy, room and board, etc. Has Project Walk looked into converting a nearby building into a dormatory? This could be more equitable for your business and attract more people from out of the area? Also, how about franchising your company?


            T-bone, smart thinking.

            When I was there and talking to Ted he genuinely understands the issues of relocation, etc. Ultimately, in a perfect setting, there would be a "campus" atmosphere with housing (maybe a dormitory), nursing / aide staff, a cafeteria, pool, etc. Being that its still in its infancy PW has a long way, if they choose, to go inm terms of expansion and other services. As of now PW is more concerned with results. Obviously with results comes opportunity to expand.

            You're right though it is a relatively high rent district.

            If anyone happened to catch 60 Minutes last night. There was a great piece about the company SAS in NC and the myriad of services they provide their employees. I sat there imagining such a place for CNS recovery. Maybe someday.

            Btw, I think they're trying to update their site. Sometimes trying .org vs .com seems to work. Give it a try.
            Onward and Upward!


              Francising, website, etc.

              Our website is at www.projectwalk.ORG not .COM

              If you go to .COM it is a website under construction.

              If you click on the link under my name it will take you right to it.

              We are currently working on the materials necessary to franchise our program to other areas. This may take some time as we are growing rapidly and are trying to keep up. Last year at this time it was Ted, Tammy, and myself working with 7 or 8 clients. We now have 16 trainers and 30+ clients, with new clients entering the program every week.

              We are also working with the SCI Special Fund to raise money to help people pay for housing and transportation in the area.

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              Eric Harness,CSCS
              Project Walk

              Eric Harness, CSCS
              Neuro Ex, Inc
              Adaptive Performance and Neuro Recovery


                Project Walk

                I spoke with Tammy on 10/15/02 about a resource list on places to rent/stay in the near vicinity of their center. Chris, where are you staying and do you have any info you can share? I am scheduling a trip the first or second week in Nov. 02, for a one week workout to see if I can cut the mustard. I plan on staying a minimum of six months, hopefully beginning in Nov or Dec of this year.

                Tammy indicated they have clients with my injury level and similiar return that are taking their first steps after two months of therapy. Another person is now standing on their own. I'm ready.

                I am not willing to wait for a cure for 10 years or longer.



                  Snowman, Would it be possible to list possible housing arranagements near your facility and possible transportation on your website. We want to go to Project Walk within the next 4 months but we do not know how to go about housing & transportation.


                    Guys, under the site there are hotel suggestions. Also, make a few calls to the Marriott for their 'residence stay' program or other extended stay programs (Hilton, Sheraton, etc.). Also, try going to , looking up Carlsbad, CA then "hotels" under the business listing and that should find you more options.

                    You can rent vehicles with hand controls from Hertz, Avis, National, etc. There is also taxi service. You might be able to rent a ramp van as well but you'll need to get on the phone and hunt.

                    Good luck.

                    Onward and Upward!



                      These hotels are EXPENSIVE, I've called several in the area. The best "extended" rate I was quoted was $74.00 a day, which equates to $2,294.00 a month, ouch! An apartment is a lot cheaper and Tammy Darzinski says they are working on a list of apartments in the immediate area.


                        Project Walk Lodging

                        For those that may be considering making a pilgrimage to PW, this is the best way I have found for locating an apartment (in case you didn't already know of this website)



                          I have reserved a 1 bedroom apartment in Vista, California. I will take occupancy on November 18, 02. This is also my first scheduled therapy day at Project Walk. I will look for you in January, 03, when you arrive. Good luck!!