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    Glider question

    Is the leg motion in the standing frame glider 100% passive or if your legs can do a little, are they allowed to?

    My friend had some leg ability and used my glider on the lowest setting. Sometimes I would sit in front of the machine and move the handles while she concentrated on her form and resistance using her legs.

    I've been using either leg braces or standers, after they first came out, for 49 years and just decided to quit standing cause am concerned about brittle bones at my age and getting tougher to transfer on to. So gonna sell my Glider. Will miss it but feel it's time to consider other alternatives.

    Standing for me was one of the best choices I made early on after my injury.


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      Thanks for the info and sorry to hear you feel you’ve got to ditch it. I’d highly recommend seeing whether there’s an accessible pool or in particular a rehab hospital “health club” situation like I do. The place where I go has two pools, one 92 degrees and one 85 degrees. Each has a pool lift that you can use with or without assistance. The warm also has a sling lift but you must supply the assistance. You can pay dues or they accept the Medicare Silver Sneakers program. Actual PTs pop in and out when a patient has actual aquatherapy. When they’re waiting for a patient they’re always amenable to a quick question. Because it’s a rehab hospital, the facility is generally accessible and up until one recent conversation, I’ve always been made to feel like I belong rather than that I’m too much work. I’m always socializing also so that’s valuable unto itself. Good luck!

    I am a T-10 complete and use one all the time. I cant feel anything but it feels great to stand/glide and my bone density has main stained for 15 years.