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    FES Equipment Repair

    Greetings Everyone!

    I have been using ElectroLogic of America FES equipment for decades but now (before that, was so lucky to be in one of the Regys program with Dr. Philip Arnold in Newington, CT). Now I'm in a serious jam. I was using an old e4000 unit for well over 15 years. It was a clinical machine. It was great, every little detail could be custom programed and saved. About 8 years ago it finally quit. Luckily, I had a NeuroPulse II as a standby. That unit worked well up until October '21 when it got buggy and would no longer pass it's startup system test.

    I've been desperately trying to find a used NPII, TAI SpectraStime E3 or similar unit with no luck. Also googled medical equipment repair hoping to find someone to take a look and despite not having access to ELA components, possibly repair my units. A couple of outfits looked at them, but really weren't to eager to repair. I can't afford new tech like AxioBionics or VisionBody. Been using several battery powered NMES units but they just don't have enough punch.

    Does anyone know of an outfit that might gives these units a look and possible repair? Thank You for any advice or leads!
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    Have you tried contacting Therapeutic Alliances? Their website is more than dated looking and I haven’t heard them mentioned in years, but a phone call will answer all that.
    Official Site of Therapeutic Alliances Inc. Makers of the ERGYS, REGYS, NeuroEDUCATOR, and SpectraSTIM for treating SCI, CVA, stroke, MS, CP, and others neurological conditions.


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      Thank you so much for your reply!

      Yes, I have been in touch with TAI throughout the years for various issues. I did reach out to them with this issue as well. Always very cordial and polite, they simply don’t have the staff and resources as they have significantly downsized.

      Sadly, my guess is they are very near closing their doors as well. They no longer sell their fantastic spectra stim unit, I am under the impression that they are no longer selling bikes but instead, offering servicing on existing units. I was referred to AxioBionics, they couldn’t help me with repairs and I cannot afford their tech. Ironically, they had a lightly used, still in good condition ELA NPII in their office. It was made available to me to purchase, but they were asking full MSRP, $3500, for a 20 year old machine. Honestly, if I had the cash I would’ve bought it anyway.

      But back to TAI, those guys have always been great, very kind and helpful. I hope they’re able to stick around and restructure if necessary. The person I speak with most, Sharon, has always been very helpful and very kind! I have found the only way to get in touch with them is through email as the phone system doesn’t seem to work.

      OK, a long winded reply regards to your suggestion. Again thanks for taking the time. My desperate little search continues.

    You may just want to start with replacing the electrolytic capacitors. They are the round tube shaped capacitors. They usually are the first to fail in electronics. You can sometimes spot bad ones when they bulge at the top.