After almost taking a trip and even willing to move to Carlsbad, California for Project Walk 15 years ago. Instead needing to get out of FL (Hurricane reasons) I decided to move back to my hometown in the Philly burbs area in 2007 and try ambulation treadmill therapy at Magee Rehab in Philly. Little did I know my bone density was too weak so Magee wouldn’t approve the ambulation therapy. I tried to build up my density for many years and failed. Than a year ago I found out Project Walk opened up in New Jersey. So I decided to give it a try last year but the Pandemic closed PWNJ temporarily anyway I just started PWNJ over 2 months ago. I just recently found out by PWNJ that Project Walk in California closed down. I haven’t really been following rehab news since my disappointing bone density failure but I’m getting itchy again and I’m ready to try again to get any movement I possibly can at this point. If anybody has any thoughts or any thing they can share about this type of rehab please post on it thanks.