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Advice for C4/5 only minimal bicep flexion?

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    Advice for C4/5 only minimal bicep flexion?

    could anyone please offer advice for exercise for recovery?

    I was injured at the C4/C-5 level, and currently still really only have shoulder shrug plus minimal bicep flexion, not much deltoid still yet.

    This means that ideas for exercise are very limited in what I am able to do.

    I have really just been making up this as I go along at home. Working on formalizing a solid formal workout routine. Please offer any advice that anyone might have to overcome the hurdle of passing the point of very little options.
    Injured on July 8th 2017 at 28 years old.
    Fractured C4 - C7, Incomplete.

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    Are you able to work on shoulders, not only shrugs, but forward, back, circular? (You can pretend you're doing a South American dance). I also wonder if pulleys could be used later, if you gain more shoulder strength. What about neck muscles - are you able to strengthen them?
    I apologize that my comments are coming from someone who had full arm use after Polio paralysis of trunk, legs, but due to aging process, arms are somewhat weaker now. My exercise routine includes the shoulder and neck.
    Also, are you aware of the technology out there for devices to help with ADL (Activities of Daily Living) - I wonder if some of these may operate via shoulder movement.
    Do you have any input from professionals, such as PT, OT, and Rehabilitation Engineer?